Cigar News: Atlantic Cigar Co and MoyaRuiz Cigars announce “The Summer Sausage”

First there was veggy burgers, then Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat, now we have – The Summer Sausage. It is not meat or veggy. Technically you don’t eat it, but you do smoke it, and taste it. The Summer Sausage is the work of Atlantic Cigar Co., MoyaRuiz, and the La Zona factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.

The Summer Sausage

Yes, it is a cigar, actually three different cigar blends, that will be an exclusive summer release – grill your meat and smoke your sausage. Of course the term “smoke your sausage” has two different meaning now.

Like many MoyaRuiz cigars, the packaging is unique and clever. Resembling sausage packages you might find in the meat section of your grocery store, the cigars are lined up in a row, resting in a black styrofoam tray covered with plastic wrap. There is even a packing and price sticker that includes the US inspection, price, ingredients, weight, and sell by date. Instead of “keep refrigerated”, it states “keep humidified”. Nice work on the packaging gentlemen.

These sausages are named based on their wrapper:

  • Habano (Hot)
  • Maduro (Sweet)
  • Connecticut (Breakfast Sausage)

Each sausage has binders and fillers from Nicaragua and are expressed in a single 6 x 52 toro vitola.

In the press release, Atlantic Cigar Co. stated:

Rather than going with the traditional concept of one blend and different sizes on an exclusive release, we decided to create a project that would please all of our customers. We are giving our customers something fun and unique to smoke this summer during the holidays, barbecues, or just with that morning cup of coffee. The guys from MoyaRuiz were just the right fit to bring this project to fruition!

The Summer Sausages were hand rolled in the La Zona factory in Esteli, Nicaragua and MoyaRuiz Cigars noted:

“We had a lot of fun turning the La Zona factory temporarily into a Carniceria to bring this release to Atlantic Cigar, and its customers”

The Summer Sausage will be available online August 30th, 2019 thru and retail for $59.99 (10ct)

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