Cigar News: Crowned Heads and Smokers Abbey to release Limited Edition ‘Sanctuary’

This ain’t an Aprils Fools Day joke, but on April 1st, Crowned Heads and Smokers Abbey will debut the Sanctuary cigar. This new blend will be a Limited Edition cigar available only at Smokers Abbey in Nashville, TN.

Smokers Abbey Crowned Heads Sanctuary
Smokers Abbey Crowned Heads Sanctuary

The team selected Tabacalera La Alianza, S.A. in the Dominican Republic to manufacture the Sanctuary. If the factory name rings any bells, it is because it is the factory behind Stogie Press’ 2018 Boutique Cigar of the Year, the PLM Series by MLB Cigar Ventures. It is also the factory behind the EPC Encore Majestic, Cigar Aficionado’s 2018 Cigar of the Year.

In a press release, Crowned Heads co-owner/founder Jon Huber commented:

“We’ve been amazed of the rapid rise of The Abbey since they began from square one five years ago. We’ve always had a mutually supportive local relationship and its really been a labor of love to create a shop exclusive for them. ‘Sanctuary’ [cigars] have been aged for over fourteen months and they are truly a special smoke for a special tobacconist.”

The Sanctuary is a 5.5 x 52 trunk-pressed Genios vitola with a blend of Sumatra and Nicaraguan tobacco describe as:

  • Wrapper – Ecuadorian Sumatra
  • Binder – Nicaraguan
  • Filler – Nicaraguan

If you are curious about the term “Trunk Pressed”, the definition can be found in the Cigar Aficionado Cigar Glossary:

“Trunk pressing takes box pressing to the extreme. Cigars are placed in wooden containers, with a wooden slat between each cigar. Pressure is applied from above, and the cigars are pressed, then later rotated. This pressing and rotation squares off the edges of a cigar to a dramatic degree, giving the cigars a very square shape. The process was popularized in the United States by Padrón Anniversary cigars. The practice is commonly called box pressing, which is technically incorrect.”

Cigar Aficionado Glossary
Smokers Abbey Crowned Heads Sanctuary
Smokers Abbey Crowned Heads Sanctuary

Pre-Orders are Being Taken Now

The Sanctuary will be limited to a total production of 333 12-count boxes and will have a MSRP of $11.99/cigar and $129.99/box (including shipping). Box reservations are currently being accepted via email at or online at

About Smokers Abbey

Founded in 2013 by Joshua Stump, Smokers Abbey is located in the heart of East Nashville. The Abbey was born from Josh’s passion for cigars and his desire to build community and fellowship amongst people. The Abbey has successfully carved a national reputation as a go­-to source for some of the most sought-after and hard-to-find boutique cigars on the market, as well as a place where all are welcome to come “Find Rest for Your Soul.”

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