Cigar News: El Artista Cigars Announces Expansion into 7th European Country

El Artista Cigars announces another expansion in Europe, this time into Austria to be distributed by Dios Tobaco located in Wiener Neustadt. Austria is the 7th European country in which El Artista Cigars distributes cigars continuing the European strategy the Company laid out nearly three years ago. Dios Tobaco is committed to distribute three brands initially: Cimarron, Big Papi by David Ortiz, and Buffalo Ten.

Says Ram Rodriguez, President of El Artista Cigars:

“Despite the challenges of the first half of the year we have continued to sell and develop long-lasting relationships, albeit long-distance relationship style, and Dios Tobaco is evidence of our continued commitment to grow in Europe”.

El Artista Cigars is not new to Dios Tobaco, for the past few years they have distributed exceptionally popular brands manufactured by El Artista Cigars.

Ram Continued:

“We have known each other for a long time now, they know our quality, how we do business, and we have come to respect one another. I am proud to have Dios Tobaco as our exclusive distributor in Austria.

According to Johaan Gallee, President of Dios Tabaco

“[The Company] was founded in 1999 by Wolfgang and Marlies Held. I bought the Company in 2019 after 20 successful years. I continue in their spirit. I distribute some major brands, boutiques and specialty European Producers. I am always searching for new interesting cigars and brands for our market and I feel El Artista Cigars has a good place in our market”.

El Artista Cigars and Dios Tobaco anticipate the first order to be ready for sale to Austrian tobacconists by June 27, 2020. In-Store events with Rodriguez are TBD but anticipated to start in 2021. Austrian Tobacconists can inquire directly with Dios Tobaco by contacting Johaan Gallee at .

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Tabacalera El Artista S.R.L. started operations in Tamboril, Dominican Republic in 1956. Today TEA is one of the nation’s largest producers of premium cigars. TEA produces millions of cigars each year and distributes throughout Europe, Canada, United States, and Asia. Additionally, TEA manages farms in the Caribbean and South America where it grows premium tobacco leaf which it utilizes in its proprietary blends as well as sells to top cigar manufacturers in Nicaragua, Honduras, and Dominican Republic.

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