Cigar News: Foundation Cigars Release a Short Film – “Seed to Cigar”

Nick Melillo – Image Courtesy of Foundation Cigars

Foundation Cigars has just released a short film on the process of going from Seed to Cigar. The film is a time lapsed view into all the hands that are involved in bringing some of the finest premium cigars to market.

According to the release:

Foundation Cigar Company is always exploring exciting ways to shake up the cigar world and bring a new level of culture and media to smokers and shops alike. From the unique and striking Nicaraguan-based art, to the history-rich backstories of each cigar line, to a recent music video collaboration with The Reminders, it’s easy to see that owner Nicholas Melillo’s interests span far and wide. But the heart of Foundation lives in the dark, dense soil of Estelí, where tobacco seeds begin their long journey to becoming award-winning cigars.

The film was the creation of Kenneth Espinoza, who is also the talent behind The Reminders’ ‘Foundation’ music video. Kenneth studied at Virginia Tech and currently resides in Nicaragua. 

Foundation Cigars noted that Kenneth has joined the company’s art and media marketing team and will be working to produce videos for each of the company’s cigar lines. The company also plans to release monthly videos to ‘bring more of Foundation’s process and inspiration to the public‘.  

About Foundation Cigar Company

Foundation Cigar Company was formed by Nicholas Melillo in June of 2015 and debuted El Güegüense, The Wise Man – Corona, which was awarded among Cigar Aficionado’s ‘top 25 cigars’of 2016. The Company launched The Tabernacle, Charter Oak, and the infused line, The Upsetters, in 2016. In 2018, The Wise Man Maduro was named #3 Cigar of the Year by Cigar Aficionado and The Charter Oak was named Best Value Cigar.  Foundation’s home offices reside in the Connecticut River Tobacco Valley and its production in Esteli, Nicaragua. Foundation Cigar Company’s goal is to bring top quality premium cigars to connoisseurs around the world.

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