Cigar News: Fratello Cigars Announce 2022 Price Increases

What looks like it will be a trend in the cigar industry, Fratello Cigars is the latest company to announce price increases in the coming year.

The company has announced it will be imposing an 8% increase in wholesale prices effective on January 1st, 2022. The company cited an increased cost of materials led to making the decision, that will affect all blends.

Omar de Frias noted:

“Costs have finally caught up to us after almost 4 years. Like we stated last time, we pride ourselves in producing high-quality products at amazing prices. This is still our commitment.”

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  • I know I might be in the minority but when The manufacturer charges $10 a stick and with your taxes it cost you 13 that is going to be a little ridiculous because I have to believe that you can make a decent cigar for around eight dollars

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