Taking It To The Nub – Season 2 – Jeremy McDonald – Owner and Founder of Wildfire Cigars

In this episode of Taking It To The Nub, Boston Jimmie from Stogie Press sits down with Jeremy McDonald AKA #TheCaliforniaHillbilly who is the founder and owner of Wildfire Cigars.

Wildfire Cigar Co. is a new cigar company founded by Jeremy McDonald, formally the national sales manager for Caldwell Cigar Co. Though he left the company in May of this year he says he has retained his equity as a partner in Caldwell Cigar Co.

As part of the Wildfire Cigar Co. introductory portfolio the Jeremy released two blends – The Single (limited production) and The Revivalist (full production). I picked up two each these at my local Brick and Mortar, Executive Cigar Shop and Lounge, in Melbourne, FL. Today I offer a review of The Revivalist Toro.

If you missed this cigar talk, go grab a cigar and your favorite beverage and sit down for an entertaining and informative show.