Cigar News: Fratello Cigars Expands European Footprint with Expansion to Spain

Omar de Frias is proud to announce Fratello Cigars newest distribution partner in Spain, Colonial Tabac SL. Colonial Tabac has been in the cigar industry since 2008 and headquartered in Barcelona Spain, working closely with the best cigar stores in the country that generate 80% of the cigar business in the area.

Ernest Zacarias, co-founder of Colonial Tabac noted:

“Since we started this company 12 years ago, we have always worked with brands that have a solid factory behind them and that we consider can be successful in this market and Fratello Cigars has that. The story of the man behind the brand, how it all came together, and the quality products are key elements of a good acceptance in the Spanish market over time.

Our sales division Dario Cigars is led by Brand Ambassador Pedro Pablo Gamero who will be in charge of introducing the brand to our clients across the country”.

Omar de Frias adds:

“We are very excited to be partnering with Colonial Tabac. This is a project that has been on the works for quite some time and we finally found the perfect partner for our European expansion.”

Fratello Cigars currently has distribution in Germany, The Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Switzerland. This partnership will open new doors and continue to expand on Fratello Cigars accelerated international growth.

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