Cigar News: Frontier Brands, LLC Appoints John Giese – Vice-President of Sales & Marketing

Frontier Brands, LLC announced today, the appointment of John Giese, Sr. as the Vice-President of Sales & Marketing.  In a career spanning 41 years in various executive management positions within the tobacco industry, Giese has a long-established resume of building successful brands and catapulting them to success within the tobacco industry. 

As the Vice-President of Sales & Marketing he will lead the marketing strategies and direct the distribution efforts for the new Frontier Cheroots.  Launched in late 2019, Frontier Cheroot cigars are manufactured in the Dominican Republic.  Made from quality premium filler and wrapped in a lush Pennsylvania broadleaf wrapper they come in four flavors: Honey, Honey-Berry, Russian Cream and Sweet Aromatic.  

Giese previously had a distinguished career at the storied John Middleton, Co. whose roots date back to 1856.  As the leader of the Sales & Marketing Team at John Middleton he was instrumental in the launch and successful growth strategy that propelled Black & Mild Cigars to the #1 ranking in the USA for mass market cigars.  Over his career Giese has been named a “Captain of the Industry” by the Pennsylvania Distributors Association and honored as “Tobacco Man of the Year” by the Southern Association of Wholesale Distributors.

Rick Louis, CEO of Frontier Brands, LLC. notes

“We are thrilled to have John as part of our management team.  His wealth of knowledge, breadth of experience and stature in the industry will greatly assist in our acceptance and growth within the mass cigar market.”

John Giese

After retiring from John Middleton, Co., Giese opened the 7000 square foot Goose’s Montecristo Lounge & Tobacconist in Limerick, PA.  The Montecristo Lounge designation signifies the quality of the cigar lifestyle that Goose’s has promoted for 10 years. 

Mr. Giese added:

“Having been in the cigar business for as long as I have on both the manufacturing and retail side, I was blown away at the quality of the Frontier product.  The draw is perfect.  The Pennsylvania broadleaf and premium tobacco filler is a winner.  Simply put, a better draw, a better flavor, a better experience.”

Giese further noted:

“supply will not be an issue and the initial ‘sell-in program’ for both distributors and retailers is very supportive and lucrative. I am looking forward to reengaging with many friends and business associations developed over the years.”

For distribution inquiries on Frontier Cheroot cigars contact John Giese direct at 610-420-4742 or

About Frontier Brands, LLC

Frontier Brands was established in 2019 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Island Lifestyle Importers, LLC in Sarasota, FL.  Island Lifestyle Importers is the manufacturer and owner of the Island Lifestyle, Island Club and Royal Leaf premium cigar brands as well as the exclusive manufacturer of and world-wide licensee for Tommy Bahama Luxury Cigar Accessories.  The focus of Frontier is to bring the same high quality standards to the traditional mass cigar market at affordable price points.  Additional cigar products are slated for launch later this year.

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