Cigar News: Hiram & Solomon Cigars Announces Exclusive TX, LA, and OK Rep

Hiram & Solomon Cigars announced today that Jennifer Nichole will be the company’s exclusive representative for Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma regions.

Jennifer Nichole

Jennifer has been a brand ambassador for a number of brands over the past few years and has spent extensive time on the road traveling to lounges and cigar events across the United States in 2019.

Recognizing Jennifer’s experience and background in the premium cigar business, Hiram & Solomon stated that ‘she will be an asset for the growth of the brand in that region and beyond.

Learn More about Jennifer Nichole

You can read the story of Jennifer’s growth in the cigar business in the interview our very own Mike Holmes did with her back in October of 2019.

Here are just a few excerpts from that interview:

Jennifer smoked her first cigar with her father at The Balinese Room in Galveston Texas, which at one point was a hub for many famous people like George Burns, Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope and even ZZ Top. It was a club built on a pier and was a place filled with a rich history.”

Her father bought a cigar shop in Galveston called Havana Alley. They settled on a historic downtown building in the heart of the city and Havana Alley began to Grow. Around 2011 Jennifer Nichole was running the shop for her dad and started to develop relationships with her clientele as well as brand owners and cigar reps. Through these connections she gained more knowledge.

Over time Jennifer began to host parties in other shops within the Galveston and Houston areas, and expanded all over Texas! Jennifer’s work ethic began to attract attention from other cigar shops nationally who wanted her to host cigar parties in their town. Requests kept pouring in and her demand grew to the point where she had to focus on traveling and hosting parties. She would often showcase a specific brand (not being affiliated with the company).

We wish Jennifer the best of success in her latest position with Hiram & Solomon cigars and look forward to see her in the future.

5 thoughts on “Cigar News: Hiram & Solomon Cigars Announces Exclusive TX, LA, and OK Rep

  • Jennifer is Cinderella of the cigars industry with her work ethic, energy and beautiful smile can’t be ignored, she will be great addition to the cigar industry make all of us proud, I wish her all the best and I’m sure she will shine for a long time!!!

  • Congratulations on your accomplishments Jennifer… Dan what’s up Brother…. I need them cuff links !!!! See you all soon …

  • Jennifer snipes events that have been previously set up by other representatives, causing conflicts between local shops and does not follow up with customer service after the events. She is an event and social media spokesmodel and nothing more.

    • Is that supposed to be constructive criticism or jealousy … Because I go to a lot of events with Jennifer and never seen or heard anyone complain … She is a great person very sociable well liked and knows her stuff …. Keep on doing your thing Jennifer … You know what they say : Haters are going to Hate ….

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