Cigar News: Hiram & Solomon Cigars Expands in Germany

Hiram & Solomon Cigars has announced their latest European distribution partnership. The company has aligned with Casagranda Cigars GmbH in Germany to carry the full production line of the Hiram & Solomon cigars.

Founded by Werner Casagranda, who was lucky enough to turn this passion into his profession in 2012, Casagranda Cigars cooperates with large producers and boutique manufacturers and has a small but fine range of inventory that is constantly being expanded. The handpicked boutique cigars come from small factories in Nicaragua and Costa Rica that comply with high quality standards and thus make tasteful cigar art come alive at the highest level.

Werner is a passionate cigar smoker and cigar importer, but above all a connoisseur who has been dealing with all aspects of the subject of cigars for many years. Full of enthusiasm, he is always with all his senses on his travels in Central America to discover new and interesting cigar blends.

Casagranda Cigars GmbH is proud to carry the Hiram & Solomon line and noted:

“The idea behind these cigars is a little bit extraordinary and we have not seen anything comparable, despite our long industry affiliation. These are the first cigars targeting free masons or free mason interested people. A certain amount of the earnings is donated to charity projects of the free masons.”

Fouad Kashouty, owner of Hiram & Solomon Cigars noted:

“It is with great honor that the Hiram & Solomon Cigar line has been selected as one of the handpicked boutique cigars carried by Casagranda Cigars GmbH. The relationship we have built with Werner will continue to expand the Hiram & Solomon Cigars foot print in Germany and throughout Europe.”

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