Cigar News: Jas Sum Kral Teases The Tyrannical Buc

Riste (Buc) Riatevski, the owner of Jas Sum Kral Cigars and master of the phrase “Boutique as Fuck”, teased the media today with the announcement of his latest cigar – The Tyrannical Buc. Being the unique and interesting person that Riste is, the Jas Sum Kral press release did not disclose all the details of The Tyrannical Buc. Instead, it offered some pre-release teasers.

What we Know

We have a Logo!

We know the Vitolas.

The Tyrannical Buc, when it is available, will come in 2 vitolas:

  • 4 x 48
  • 6.5 x 50

Riste was kind enough to provide the definition of tyrannical.

ty·ran·ni·cal /təˈranək(ə)l/ adj. 1 exercising power in a cruel or arbitrary way 2 characteristic of tyranny; oppressive and controlling

We Know the Profile

Though the blend has not yet been disclosed, Riste assures us:

“The Tyrannical Buc introduces brothers and sisters of the leaf to a style of power so intoxicating, it is guaranteed to rule even the most independent of palates. Never fear! Your tyrant is here! “

Soothing my interest of what is yet to come, he did explain that the Tyrannical Buc would be a first-rate cigar designed to yield a true power house blend of entrancing flavors and palate-pleasing complexity perfectly suitable for veteran smokers.

What we Don’t Know

I reached out to Riste to ask about some details not disclosed yet, and he explained that the following details will be released in the coming months.

  • Box Count
  • MSRP
  • Blend
  • Product Photos

Ok, that certainly fits the “controlling” part of the Tyrannical  definition.

In the Buc’s own words:

“For those of you about to treat yourself to this smokable JSK delicacy, prepare for a cigar that packs a punch so draconian, even Ivan the Terrible cowers under its hazy clouds.”

In closing, the Buc offered a quote from Aleksandr the Great, which I would say is one of Riste’s mantras that keeps him persevering in the business.

There is nothing impossible to him who will try.
   Aleksandr the Great