Cigar News: MEERAPFEL Cigar Launches “Ernest” Master Blend

The MEERAPFEL family, the oldest business in the premium cigar industry – an unrivaled legacy spanning over 400 years and 11 generations of tradition has announced the launch of its third master blend – the Ernest. The new blend is part of the company’s UberLuxury line and is a nod to Ernest MEERAPFEL, who left his family and the comfort and safety of his village of Untergrombach in the ate 1800’s to set sail and revolutionize the world of premium tobacco.

In a similar way to the generations that came before him, Ernest traveled the seas and explored new territories to present the premium cigar landscape with a new sacred leaf. Involved with the most mystical brands and personalities in cigar history, MEERAPFEL has contributed to the evolution of the industry
throughout the centuries.

Jeremiah MEERAPFEL, the great grandson of Ernest notes:

“My great grandfather Ernest’s exodus was the epitome of curiosity and bravery that our family members have always carried in their hearts; a lust for accessing the finest leaves nature has to offer, no matter how remote or challenging the adventure may be.”

The “Ernest” Master Blend is presented in ornamented caskets showcasing 10 Double Robusto cigars (5¾ x 52) with flagtail, as well as majestic wooden chests each holding 25 Corona Gorda (5 ½ x 46), 25 Robusto (4 ⅞ x 50) and 25 Lonsdale(6 ¾ x 43) cigars.

As with every MEERAPFEL Cigar, the annual production is strictly limited to 613 chests per vitola globally and is allocated to specifically partnered premium cigar retailers around the world. The “Ernest” Master Blend will be staged at the 2023 InterTabac in Dortmund (Hall 7, Booth 7.B04) and shipped internationally in the following weeks.

le Créateur Cigarier, recalls:

“The ‘Ernest’ MEERAPFEL Master Blend is filled with aspirational sensations, layers of curiosity, and an awe-inspiring complexity, exemplifying the unique explorations of those who leave behind the assumed safety and comfort, to conquer only the finest – the INTRICACY of UberLuxury.”

Pricing has been set at:

  • Double Robusto (5 ¾ x 52) – 101,00 EUR / 94,00 USD per cigar
  • Corona Gorda (5 ½ x 46) – 44,00 EUR / 41,00 USD per cigar
  • Robusto (4 ⅞ x 50) – 49,00 EUR / 46,00 USD per cigar
  • Lonsdale (6 ¾ x 43) – 53,00 EUR /50,00 USD per cigar