Cigar News: MEERAPFEL Cigar sets yet another new Gold Standard in the cigar industry with its Unique Wood Chest Design

MEERAPFEL Cigar, the creators of Uberluxury in the premium cigar industry, have unveiled their latest milestone in redefining the cigar experience. In September 2023, MEERAPFEL Cigar introduces a newly designed wooden chest, invented to elevate cigar garment to unprecedented heights.

The groundbreaking feature of MEERAPFEL Cigar’s new chest is the introduction of a perforated double floor. Each chest contains two 60-gramm Boveda packs, strategically positioned underneath the perforated section of the corpus. This innovative design allows air and humidity from the Boveda packs to circulate freely around the cigars, ensuring optimal conditions during transportation, storage, and the final cigar experience.

MEERAPFEL Cigar’s commitment to maintaining the pristine quality of its Uberluxury cigars extends to the chest’s interior fitting. Each cigar is secured with medical-grade foam at the head, foot, and top, guaranteeing their safety and immaculacy.

At the heart of the design is Royal Paulownia wood, also referred to as Princess Tree. MEERAPFEL Cigar’s commitment to sustainability is manifested in the use of Paulownia, ensuring zero deforestation. The pristine, lightweight, and fast-growing wood not only aligns with ecological responsibility but also simplifies transportation while retaining the pure elegance of a majestically crafted wooden box. The MEERAPFEL Cigar chests are presented in their most natural state, free from varnish or lacquering, featuring only a delicate laser finish.

This unique packaging concept debuts alongside the revelation of MEERAPFEL Cigar’s 2023 Master Blend releases. It is a testament to the brand’s relentless pursuit of excellence and its mission to keep innovating and pushing the boundaries of the premium cigar industry: the Uberluxury.

MEERAPFEL Cigar’s limited production remains exclusive, with only 613 chests per vitola and per year available globally. These coveted cigars are allocated to specially partnered premium cigar retailers worldwide, ensuring an unrivaled cigar experience for the most discerning connoisseurs.

MEERAPFEL Cigar’s latest innovation reinforces its position as the creator of the Uberluxury segment in the cigar market. The brand’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and providing unparalleled experiences continues to captivate cigar enthusiasts worldwide.