Cigar News: Rare Cuatro Cinco Belicoso Coming to a Drew Diplomat Retailer Event Near You

When Cuatro Cinco was originally released in 2013, it immediately became a favorite amongst cigar enthusiasts around the world and it was dubbed one of Joya de Nicaragua’s true “Obras Maestras” (masterpiece). This summer, Joya de Nicaragua and Drew Estate are making an exclusive and limited beautiful smoke for cigar lovers across America: Cuatro Cinco Belicoso Exclusivo Eventos DDRP.

I know that is a mouthful, but this rare release of Cuatro Cinco, will be ultra-limited to only two boxes available for sale at Drew Diplomat Events (DDRP) from June until the end of 2019.

Quatro Cinco
Quatro Cinco Belicoso

Cuatro Cinco is an extraordinary achievement by Fábrica Joya de Nicaragua. Originally released as Edición Limitada, it commemorated 45 years of cigar manufacturing. Cuatro Cinco Belicoso Exclusivo is a carefully refined recipe featuring select Grade A fillers, aged within vintage white oak barrels. This super-premium blend delivers subtle, but extraordinarily enchanting woody notes, complex flavors and a velvety finish, due to the combination of Nicaraguan wrapper, Dominican binder, and Nicaraguan fillers.

Juan Ignacio Martínez, Executive President of Joya de Nicaragua note in the press release:

“As a unique symbol of appreciation to the Joya de Nicaragua and Drew Estate fans that come over to our events, we are delighted to share one of our factory’s greatest blends. If the Limited Edition Cuatro Cinco was a collector’s item, we can say that the Belicoso surpasses its uniqueness, and the only moment when it will be found in stores will be during our events at DDRP accounts, only 1,000 boxes available nationwide”

Quatro Cinco Belicoso
Quatro Cinco Belicoso

The Cuatro Cinco Belicoso Exclusivo Eventos DDRP is a 6 x 54 Box Pressed cigar that will be available as of June for DDRP Events with a limited offer of only 2 boxes per event at an MSRP of $140/box. All sales are based on availability, so first-come, first-served.

Fans of Joya de Nicaragua are encouraged to download Drew Diplomat the official mobile application of Drew Estate – The Rebirth of Cigars which is available in the App Store for iPhone®, and on Google Play™ for Android™. For more information head to For a complete list of DDRP events please visit the Drew Diplomat App.

Quatro Cinco Belicoso
Quatro Cinco Belicoso

About Joya de Nicaragua

Established in 1968, Joya de Nicaragua is Nicaragua’s first and oldest cigar factory in operation. JDN’s commitment to quality along with their skillful and resilient people have brought their handmade cigars to over 50 countries around the world, making it Nicaragua’s most international brand.

Obras Maestras is Joya de Nicaragua’s designation for its ultra-premium family of cigars. It features commemorative master blends handcrafted by our most outstanding artisans. Its brands include Cinco Décadas  and  Cuatro Cinco (Viña Carmen’s 2016 Cigar of the Year).


Founded in New York City in 1996, Drew Estate has become one of the fastest growing tobacco companies in the world. Under their mantra “The Rebirth of Cigars”, Drew Estate has led the “Boutique Cigar” movement by innovating new elements to the tobacco industry with their unique tobaccos and blending styles that attracting new and traditional cigar enthusiasts. In their Gran Fabrica Drew Estate, the Nicaraguan headquarters, Drew Estate produces a variety of brands such as ACID, Herrera Estelí, Herrera Estelí Norteño, Isla del Sol, Kentucky Fired Cured, Liga Privada, MUWAT, Larutan by Drew Estate, Nica Rustica, Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Fermented Cigars, Tabak Especial, Undercrown, Florida Sun Grown, and Java by Drew Estate.