Cigar News: Southern Draw Cigars, LLC Opens Investment Opportunity

Have you wanted to be part of a successful and growling cigar company? Well now is your chance, as Southern Draw Cigars, LLC has announced that for the first time ever, it will explore options outside of its small group of family and friends to finance its strong growth. 

The Company noted:

“2021 has brought us 100% growth YTD and with Members comfortable with their current investments, it remains necessary to increase Member Value through growth. During the next several months, SDC seeks to consider viable proposals and will select debt terms to maximize the production of its premium cigar brands and increase its sales and distribution on a global scale.”

As part of ongoing discussions with prospective lenders, and strategic partners, the company will explore the total debt facility amount to possibly include financing for acquisition of smaller brands that offer huge upside potential, diversifying our product offering and increase sales.  Many smaller brands have similar needs and have been unable to navigate FDA compliance and COVID related challenges with a going forward strategy.


The company stated that weight will be given to proposals that offer strategic investments and partnerships that will be mutually beneficial. 

Any funding that involves Equity, or Membership Interest in the LLC will follow SEC Securities Registration guidelines and offer Securities Exempt from SEC Registration. 

All inquiries and interests must be submitted to

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