Cigar News: Stogie Lives – A Cigar Themed Social Media Platform is Launched

Cigars is the one thing that brings people together. Valerie Marszalek who is a writer, technical advisor and new to cigars has designed a platform where cigar lovers 21 and older can join and not have to worry. Valerie was tired of hearing about people having restrictions placed on their social media accounts due to posting cigars. Thus, the idea for Stogie Lives was born.

With two graduate degrees, one in research, has given her the ability to work with big companies, business professionals and others in developing websites and assisting them in the marketing aspect of business.

Valerie would like to present Stogie Lives, a social media platform for cigar lovers to create profiles, groups, forums, blogs and more without fearing the repercussion. Stogie Lives is in its beginning phase of welcoming new cigar lovers to the site and she hopes that people get enjoyment and establish good relationships with this new platform. The site is free to join and you can sign up at and expect to connect with likeminded individuals who love cigars and the cigar lifestyle.

I personally signed up and checked out the site. I can honestly say, this is a terrific alterative to restrictive social media platforms. It is easy to navigate and add content. The communication between members was flawless and responsive. The site works on phones, tablets, and laptops.

Advertising Opportunities

Unlike other social media platforms, Stogie Lives allows paid cigar related advertising for manufacturers, brand owners, shops/lounges, and accessories to promote their message to a targeted audience of cigar enthusiasts.

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