Cigar News: Tobacco Kennedy (TK) Presents Cigar Educated Platform

Back in August, Kennedy Achille, (Tobacco Kennedy) owner of StogieTV and Promoter of Black Smoke Miami reached out to me about a new project he was working on and asked for my input on it. The project was called Cigar Educated, an in-depth course dedicated to Cigar Education. This course is billed as the first ever, fully integrated, online cigar education course.

Course instructor: “TK” Tobacco Kennedy says:

“I want to enhance both the Cigar industry and people in it through the world of Cigars and technology.”

According to Kennedy:

This course is designed for learning the process of “Seed to Cigar”. In this course you will learn the life process and lifespan of a cigar.

In addition, knowledge tests are set in place that will test what you have learned. After passing this course, you will be officially certified as a “Cigar Educator”. With the massive amount of interest in cigars, education is needed now more than ever.

I agreed to take the challenge and last week I finally had the time to relax one evening and go through the course. The total course will take roughly 2 hours to complete including the quizzes that are spaced throughout each model.

There are 21 learning modules in all:

  1. Intro
  2. Birth of a Cigar
  3. Tobacco Fields
  4. Barn Process
  5. Fermentation Process
  6. Cigar Roller Process
  7. Cigar Packaging
  8. Growing Regions
  9. Blending Cigars
  10. Humidor Care
  11. Lighters
  12. Matches
  13. Ring Gauge
  14. Taste & Profile
  15. Cutters
  16. Cigar Organizations
  17. Tobacco License
  18. Tobacco Tax
  19. How To Make Money
  20. Resources Just for You
  21. Outro

You Will Learn!

As an experienced cigar enthusiast, that has been to and wrote about numerous growing regions, factories, farms, and processing facilities – much of the course was familiar to me. Yet, even with my experience, I learned a few things and I thank Kennedy for that education. A good example:

Did you know Spanish Cedar is not cedar? It is of the genesis of mahogany and it is not even Spanish, it is comes from Central and South America!

Each module is presented in an easy to follow, video format, with Kennedy featured as your instructor. The quizzes will truly test you. Some of the questions asked were not explicitly in the module, but if you pick the wrong answer, it will highlight the correct one so now you know. You have the option to re-take the quiz to ensure you understood the material.

Much of the material presented can be found through google searches, but that would take much more time than the 2 hours of excellently structured and guided content of Cigar Educated.

The only enhancement to this course, I feel would be beneficial, would be to describe the flavor profiles of each of the different tobaccos grown in the regions that are discussed in the course. Doing so would help a consumer better understand what the core flavor profile of a particular blend may offer. Kennedy told me that the course will be updated based on feedback and when new content is added, existent students will get an email informing them of the new material. Since you already registered, that material is covered in the original course fee.

Certified Cigar Smart

Once complete, you will receive a certificate of completion that certifies you as “Cigar Educated” and I am sure you will learn things you did not know. You will also be able to revisit the course as many times as you like.

Cigar Educated
Cigar Educated

Make Money in the Cigar Industry

The course also has modules dedicated on how to make money in the cigar industry through running events and also how to use Google Forms to your advantage by collecting data and promoting your brand. It even walks you through the steps on how to set up a Google phone number.

Kennedy has taken the time to show you what he has learned and to help you be a better consumer and even an entrepreneur.

Cost & Incentives

The course is priced at $199.95 and will launch on October 1, 2019 but if you register by October 1st, the cost is $99.95. In addition, Kennedy stated, anyone who signs up by October 1st will be put into a random drawing where one lucky student will win a grand prize that consists of:

  • VIP Admission to the 2020 Black Smoke Miami event
  • Round-trip Airfare to the event
  • Hotel room at the host hotel

Kennedy will also be selecting 10 students to receive accessories and all students who register by October 1st will receive a membership to the Cigar Rights of America (CRA).


If you want to learn more about cigars, from seed to palate and beyond, and become a more educated consumer, you can register for “Cigar Educated” by clicking here.

About Tobacco Kennedy

Tobacco Kennedy (TK) is the owner of Stogie TV, a platform dedicated to featuring Cigar shops and lifestyle from around the world. He is the promoter of Black Smoke Miami that has drawn cigar enthusiasts from around the country to descend upon Miami, Florida for five days every Labor Day weekend to meet and share the cigar culture, make friends, and rekindle existing friendships. In addition, “TK” is a published Author of three books dedicated to the world of Cigars. Books: “Cigar 90″, ‘Cigars 180”, “Cigars 360”.

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  • This is revolutionary and a huge mark in the cigar industry and I cant wait to take this course!! The wealth of knowledge not taught by many will help guide you into the OUTSTANDING world of cigars. I myself look forward to the help and tips on becoming Cigar Educator.

  • Thanks for testing it out Jimmie! I have some trusted books at home but I wanted to find the right online course for me. This one sounds perfect! Well done TK! Congrats!

  • OUTSTANDING! The Cigar Gods heard my prayer? Looking forward to taking this course!
    SUPER DUPER SHARE Boston Jimmie?
    #knowwhatyousmoke #cigarsarenotatrend

  • I registered for the course yesterday and completed it today passing!!!! I definitely have learned more about the business side of our tobacco culture and the agricultural side from seed to cigar. I would love to have the opportunity to visit a tobacco plantation and have a front seat view of what I have learned. Kudos to you, T.K. and thank you for your guidance. I am looking forward to taking my newly gained knowledge to the next level.

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