Cigar News: TPE Announces New Dates for 2021 Trade Show

In an exceptional year of uncertainty due to COVID-19, Tobacco Media Group (TMG) is taking steps to support the Tobacco, Vapor, and Alternative Industries by moving their Tobacco Plus Expo to May 12-14, 2021.

For years the TPE has been held the trade show at the beginning of the year, and that was the case for this year too, especially since TMG noted that most of the show floor already sold out to Exhibitors. The opportunity arose to move the show to May, and TMG recognized that the later timing would be better for the industry and the peace of mind for all who attend TPE. After careful thought, the company made the decision to move forward with the new dates.

Says Ben Stimpson, Managing Director of Tobacco Media Group,

“A lot of work has already gone into the planning of a blockbuster TPE 2021, so when we were presented with the opportunity to move the show to May, we knew we needed to jump on it. It is our hope that the later timing allows the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19 to improve and gets us well out of range of the traditional winter flu season.

Plus, the warmer weather of May gives us more options to safely execute the business and networking aspects of the show. We are committed to producing a successful TPE 2021 for all of our Exhibitors and Attendees and feel confident that this new timing has everyone’s best interests in mind.”

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As TPE 2021 planning progresses, TMG will continue to gather safety insights and suggestions from voices within the tobacco industry and will release show details as they further fall into place. Additionally, TMG is working closely with the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Las Vegas Visitor’s Bureau to stay abreast of the latest safety guidance advisories for the city. The company will be keeping a close eye on evolving health and wellbeing protocols and will make every effort to ensure best practices are followed.

When informed of the decision to move the dates of TPE 2021, CEO of Drew Estate, Glenn Wolfson said:

“Drew Estate has always been a big supporter of TPE and it has been gratifying to have witnessed the tradeshow’s increased quality and impact on the entire industry. While we certainly will miss not being able to participate in the trade show at the end of January, which is designed to help create a fast start for all industry stakeholders in the new year, the decision to defer the show to May was smart, and the right thing to do. TMG has really elevated the business opportunities available to retailers and manufacturers.

What is most gratifying is that TMG reached out to solicit the perspectives of more than 125 retailers and 50 exhibitors via telephone and Zoom video conversations and an email survey. Their interest in listening to the voices of so many industry participants about the design of the 2021 show is refreshing, and the decision to change dates this far ahead of the original dates, demonstrates TMG’s commitment to true collaboration with, and respect of, the needs of both retailers and manufacturers. Drew Estate will certainly be participating in TPE 2021.”

Echoing similar sentiments for TPE, Eli Davis and Shahar Ilus from Ketoret BioNaturals, Inc. offered,

“We’re very excited to get back to some normalcy. TPE’s new show dates will give our world the chance to make a strong comeback.”

TPE 2021 will be held May 12-14, 2021 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The only thing different from the original TPE 2021 plan are the dates. The exhibiting space, show floor layout, and convention center hall will be the same as initially planned when the show was in January. For more information, please visit the TPE 2021 website.

About TPE

Under the banner of Tobacco Media Group (TMG) owned by Kretek International, Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE) is the largest B2B tobacco trade show highlighting the full-spectrum of tobacco, vapor, alternatives and general merchandise products available on the ever-evolving market. TPE 2021 is planning to deliver the industry’s most compelling content, products, and information, and will be held May 12, 2021 through May 14, 2021 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. To learn more about the show, please visit the website: