Cigar News: Stogie Road Cigars™ Announces the BIG TONY

Greenville based Stogie Road Cigars™ announced today the release of BIG TONY in collaboration with Tabacalera Kafie/San Jerónimo factory in Danli, Honduras.

The 6X52 barberpole-style toro will consist of a Mexican San Andres and
Nicaragua Habano Maduro wrapper. The wrappers are thick, oily and full body/full flavor. Thought he binder is undisclosed the filler has ligeros from Nicaragua’s Estelí region and Honduras’s Jamastran region.

Kerr noted;

“I wanted to continue to honor my family through my blends. The BIG TONY is named after my father who is a strong and powerful source of faith and inspiration in my life. What better way to honor such a man than to produce a cigar using a powerful double Maduro wrapper.”

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Dr. Kafie stated;

“It’s great to see how far Stogie Road Cigars has come. We appreciate the loyalty and dedication Kerr has shown our factory and our team in Honduras. We will always put our best foot forward to maintain the integrity and the quality of his blends. The Big Tony will sell out quickly as it’s the most extreme blend we have ever made. Full of flavor and strength, delivered with balance and intrigue.”

The journey continues down the Stogie Road. The addition of the BIG TONY to a portfolio of other barber-pole cigars like the Sweet Grass Gringo and
EdiciònXXXV, completes the flavor spectrum for the #barberpoleking
Stogie Road Cigars™ is a supporter of boutique cigar brands and a proud
member of the Boutique Cigar Association.


All cigars are being produced in small batches and will come packaged in 10-count boxes. MSRP is yet to be determined. Since the tobaccos are expensive and fermentation time is longer, the release date is also TBD.

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