Cigar Review: Amendola Family Cigars Habano 2000 Toro – Rated 91

The Amendola Cigars website tells the story of the company:

Amendola Family Cigar Co. is based out of Durham, N.C., which has a rich and prosperous Tobacco History and a second office and distribution center in Miami, FL. Amendola’s cigars are handmade in a boutique factory in Danli, Honduras, a place we call “El Paraiso”. We double ferment our own tobacco from Cuban seeds that are aged to perfection.

We pride ourselves in the quality of tobacco we use which is grown in regions such as the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Honduras.”

Jeffrey Amendola, founder of Amendola Family Cigar Co., notes:

I am a first generation cigar blender and manufacturer of ultra-premium boutique cigars. It is my hope that our brands sustainability will afford the next generations of our family to be immersed in this legacy that we call an industry. The cigar industry has been built from hard work and dedication in every aspect possible. We plan to do the same by contributing to the core values of this business through honor, respect, and loyalty.

Amendola Family Cigars Habano 2000 Toro

Today I have the pleasure of reviewing the Amendola Habano 2000, one a full line of premium cigars from the company.

The Amendola Habano 2000 has blend described as:

  • Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
  • Binder: Nicaragua
  • Filler: Nicaragua

The cigars are expressed in 2 vitolas and come packaged in 20-count boxes:

  • Robusto (5 x 52) MSRP $8.00
  • Toro (6 x 52) MSRP $9.00

For this review I sampled the Amendola Habano 2000 Toro which I received from the company for the purpose of reviewing on Stogie Press.

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Pre-Light Examination

The Amendola Habano 2000 is a stunning and beautifully constructed cigar with a medium tan wrapper that has a slight red tinge to it. It has a fine oily sheen and a a light tooth to the leaf. It is light on veins and finished with an expertly applied pigtail cap. The cigar is solid with a nice weight in the hand.

A single band brands the cigar using a rich blue and gold motif. The center of the band has the company’s logo presented and the golden word “HABANO” is boldly printed below.

Amendola Family Cigars Habano 2000 Toro
Amendola Family Cigars Habano 2000 Toro

The pre-light aromas were just as enticing as the presentation with a spicy note along the barrel and a plum fruit note off the foot.

I sliced the cap straight with my double blade cutter and gave it some cold puffs that were spot on with restriction and offered delectable notes of butter and spice.

Using my triple flame torch, I warmed the foot, which took well to the heat, bringing it to an even orange glow as I drew in the first puffs of mildly spicy smoke. Follow along as I burn this one to ash.

Cigar Review Notes

Amendola Family Cigars Habano 2000 Toro
Amendola Family Cigars Habano 2000 Toro
Amendola Family Cigars Habano 2000 Toro
Amendola Family Cigars Habano 2000 Toro
Amendola Family Cigars Habano 2000 Toro
Amendola Family Cigars Habano 2000 Toro
  • Early burn offer offered cocoa and coffee aromas along with a mild spice on the palate
  • Plum notes join the mix
  • Light grey solid ash forms on a medium char line
  • Ash fell early with a flat but centered burn cone
  • Touch of sweetness entering
  • Cedar notes brighten the profile
  • Slight off burn develops
  • Light astringent notes midway
  • Spice aroma
  • Deep in second third a mild earth enters with a pleasant nut lingering on the palate
  • Light spice rejoins the mix at the start of the final third
  • Burn straightened out with no touch up
  • Finishes with a slightly increased spice
  • Medium Strength
  • Total Smoking Time was 1 hour and 25 minutes

Overall, the Amendola Family Cigars Habano 2000 Toro was a fine cigar that offered enticing notes and aromas from foot to nub. A medium strength smoke with a full body of flavor. There was a slight off burn midway but it eventually fixed itself with out any touch up. This is certainly worth picking up a five pack of and let a few age. I rate this a 91.

Point Deductions: (-1) Flat Burn Cone; (-1) Off-burn Midway; (-1) Slight Astringent note midway;

Amendola Family Cigars Habano 2000 Toro