Cigar Review: Tabac Trading Co. #TheUnknownCigar 6 x 70 – Rated 89

The Unknown, Unexplained, Unidentified, Unnamed, Nameless, Uncharted…call it what you wish, but sometimes a cigar manufacturer chooses a name that is just that – a name. In the case of Patrick Potter, and his Tabac Trading Co., the name is #TheUnknownCigar.

What is #TheUnknownCigar cigar? It is a blend constructed of 9 long leaves (2 Ligero, 2 Seco, 3 Viso, 1 binder and 1 wrapper). What is known, is the candela leaf in the filler and the Pennsylvania broadleaf wrapper.

Tabac Trading Co. #TheUnknownCigar 6 x 70

The Unknown cigar is the latest blend in the premium cigar lineup from Tabac Trading Co. The company describes the blend as:

  • Wrapper – Pennsylvania broadleaf
  • Binder– Unknown
  • Filler – Unknown

The Tabasc Trading Co. Unknown is expressed in 3 vitolas and come packaged in 17-cpount boxes:

  • 6 x 70 – MSRP $13.50
  • 6 x 60 – MSRP $12.00
  • 7 x 44 – MSRP $12.50 (Available Later in 2020)
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I met Patrick Potter, founder of Tabac Trading Co., in Las Vegas, earlier this year, at a private rolling event, during the Tobacco Plus Expo. Patrick was kind enough to send me some samples of his craft, to review on Stogie Press. Included in those samples was the Tabac Trading Co. #TheUnknownCigar 6 x 70.

So what does a Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper and 8 unknown leafs create in a cigar blend, all rolled in a 6 x 70 vitola? Continue reading and you will learn.

Tabac Trading Co. #TheUnknownCigar

Pre-Light Examination

The Tabac Trading Co. #TheUnknownCigar is by far a thick and bold, heavy cigar. It has one of the best looking Pennsylvania broadleaf wrappers, that is dark chocolate brown in color, with a decent oily sheen, and has some of the least mottling I have seen in such a wrapper. In fact, as a I ran my fingers along the barrel, I felt a sticky oily feel to the leaf. Not only was the wrapper light on the traditional Pennsylvania Broadleaf mottling, it also had very few veins. The foot had a small sliver of candela leaf exposed which looks like it is the binder.

The #TheUnknown is branded with a single band, that uses a black and holographic ink motif. In the center of the band is triangle that is encased in a circle with radiant lines streaming out of each side. There is no name on the cigar, nor any company branding.

Tabac Trading Co. #TheUnknownCigar 6 x 70
Tabac Trading Co. #TheUnknownCigar 6 x 70

As I ran the Tabac Trading Co. #TheUnknownCigar across the nose, I was greeted with sweet and pungent notes along the barrel and light clove spice notes off the foot.

My standard double blade Xikar cutter was just enough to to slice the well applied cap. Any thicker and and I would have needed to use a v-cut or punch. Once opened up, I gave it some cold draw puffs that I would describe as a bit more open than I prefer and offered notes of earth, orange zest, and a growing peppery spice.

My triple flame torch was perfect for warming the foot. With the small sliver of candela leaf, the foot took nicely to the flame and delivered mild sweet citrus and cracker notes to start the journey along with a peppery burst to the nose.

Cigar Review Notes

Tabac Trading Co. #TheUnknownCigar 6 x 70
Tabac Trading Co. #TheUnknownCigar 6 x 70
Tabac Trading Co. #TheUnknownCigar 6 x 70
Tabac Trading Co. #TheUnknownCigar 6 x 70
Tabac Trading Co. #TheUnknownCigar 6 x 70
Tabac Trading Co. #TheUnknownCigar 6 x 70
Tabac Trading Co. #TheUnknownCigar 6 x 70
Tabac Trading Co. #TheUnknownCigar 6 x 70
  • First few puffs offered mild sweet citrus and cracker notes
  • Peppery burst to the nose
  • Easy draw with a full volume of smoke
  • Light grey ash forms on a thick yet jagged burn
  • Citrus moves to front of the palate, offering a rather refreshing sensation
  • Cocoa notes join the mix after an inch of burn
  • Slight off burn has developed
  • Natural sweetness enters joined with a buttery sensation
  • A clean finish after each puff
  • Mild fruit aroma
  • Long ash eventually fell, revealing a slightly off centered burn cone
  • Light spice and dry fruit notes enter deep in the second third
  • Barrel gets squishy
  • Caramel notes add to the enjoyment
  • Increased spice deep in second third and grows through the final
  • Touch-up required
  • Medium to full in strength
  • Total Smoking Time was 1 hour and 40 minutes

Overall, the Tabac Trading Co. #TheUnknownCigar 6 x 70, offered a fine array of flavors and aromas through the journey that were balanced and transitioned well. I especially enjoyed the cocoa and buttery notes and fruit aroma. The burn started with a bit of jag that developed an off burn which did correct eventually, but later in the burn it needed a touch-up. The barrel also got squishy in the final. Given the flavors in this I would say check one out. I rate this a 89.

Point Deductions: (-1) Jagged Burn; (-1) Off Burn; (-1) Off Centered Burn Cone; (-1) Touch-up required; (-1) Squishy Barrel Deep in Burn; (-1) Check One Out

Bonus Point: (+1) Long Solid Ash

Tabac Trading Co. #TheUnknownCigar 6 x 70

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