Cigar Review: R.S. Hubbard Maduro Toro (The Entertainer) – Rated 92

If you recall, I introduced the RS Hubbard cigar line to you all earlier this year and in case you missed that article I will recap again here.

Rodney and Tamika Hubbard, are the owners of RS Hubbard Tobacco, based out of St. Louis, MO. The brother-sister team has been producing cigars, under their brand name, for just about 4 years now. They are not new to the cigar culture, having smoked cigars for over a decade and have been around them all their life, as their father smoked cigars too. Late last year, I met Rodney at the Charles P. Stanley Cigar Company in St. Louis, Missouri. He turned me onto his first craft, a fabulous Connecticut wrapped cigar and I was chomping at the bit ever since when he said he coming out with a maduro line.

Now, in 2019, building on its long history of family, community, and friendships, RS HUBBARD FAMILY TOBACCO introduced its Maduro line of Hubbard Cigars. Tamika explained the Hubbard Maduro to me:

“Ripe in its richness, the maduro blend was delicately crafted overtime to bring to you a medium to full in strength cigar with a Mexican Maduro wrapper filled with some of the finest Nicaraguan tobacco. The Hubbard Maduro line is offered in 3 distinct sizes and is sure to offer a smooth smoke that will be enjoyed by many.”

RS Hubbard Maduro – The Entertainer

The RS Hubbard Maduro is manufactured at Tabacaleras Carreras, the home of Esteban Carreras Cigars and it has a blend defined as:

  • Wrapper – Mexico (San Andres).
  • Binder – Ecuador.
  • Filler
    • Seco Condega
    • Viso de Honduras – Jalapa (Troje Area)
    • Ligero of Condega

As Tamika noted, the RS Hubbard Maduro is expressed in 3 vitolas. They come packaged in 20-count boxes. You can purchase these directly from the company’s website if you can not find them in a shop.

  • The Mika (5 x 56) MSRP $12.00 – Named in honor of RS Hubbard Family Tobacco Co- Owner/Sister of the family, is filled with gentleness, but the perfect level of strength that’s guaranteed to offer a great smoking experience for men and women alike.
  • The Entertainer (6.5 x 52) MSRP $14.00 – Named in honor of Cedric The Entertainer, World Famous Comedian, King of Comedy, and Missouri Native. Unique it its size, this cigar exemplifies the long lasting friendships that are often built in “The Neighborhood” and what better way to entertain a friend than over a good cigar, filled with laughter, love, and a good time.
  • The Tonyo (6 x 62) MSRP $16.00 – Named in honor of the owners twin brother, speaks to the bond that is often shared among brothers. With its large ring gauge, The Tonyo offers the same flavor enjoyed by the other sizes but can be enjoyed for a longer period of time while offering a conversation piece that is often shared with no one other than your brother

For this review I sampled the RS Hubbard Toro (The Entertainer)

Pre-Light Examination

The RS Hubbard Maduro (The Entertainer) is a finely constructed dark brown cigar that has a medium amount of veins along the barrel and some deep marbling in the leaf. In fact the wrapper ha a bit of a dark red clay hue to it and is exhibits a mild tooth to the feel. The cigar is tightly packed and solid to the touch. It is finished with a simple cap.

There are 2 bands that adorn the RS Hubbard Maduro. The primary band uses a bright red and gold motif that proudly displays the company’s logo in the center along with the word “MADURO”. The bottom of the band declares this as “THE ENTERTAINER”. There is also a footer band that uses a golden satin ribbon with an additional red ribbon running across the center.

I ran the cigar across my nose and quickly picked up sweet and pungent notes along the barrel and earthy notes off the foot.

Preparing to cold puff it, I sliced the cap with a straight cut using a double blade cutter and proceeded to give it a few cold draws. The draw was nicely restricted and offered some pleasant pre-light notes of earth, pepper, and a touch of hickory.

With the pre-light much to my liking, I grabbed my triple flame torch lighter and warmed the foot, which took to the flame well. I drew in the first thick puffs of sweet and creamy smooth smoke.

Cigar Review Notes

RS Hubbard Maduro – The Entertainer
RS Hubbard Maduro – The Entertainer
RS Hubbard Maduro – The Entertainer
RS Hubbard Maduro – The Entertainer
RS Hubbard Maduro – The Entertainer
RS Hubbard Maduro – The Entertainer
  • First draw was smoother than expected
  • A natural tobacco sweetness filled the palate
  • The smoke was thick and creamy and full in volume
  • Plum notes wrapped in a touch of cream, filled in the early profile
  • There was a mild spice on the retro-hale
  • A solid white ash has grown on top of a wavy and medium thick char line
  • The aroma is fragrant with notes of fruit and nutmeg
  • Once the ash fell it revealed a flat but centered burn cone
  • Espresso enters in the second third
  • Burning through the second third, citrus notes brighten the espresso (like an Italian Espresso less the Sambuca)
  • An off burn developed that eventually required a touch-up
  • Spice started to build deep in the second third
  • Moving into the final there is a touch of fruit and a bit of dry leather
  • Medium in Strength
  • Total Smoking Time was 1 hour and 30 minutes

Overall, the RS Hubbard Maduro – The Entertainer was a delicious smoking journey that filled the palate with well transitioned flavors and fragrant aromas. I always enjoy the Espresso/Citrus note when it is in a cigar, though I kept hoping for the licorice to appear. From a construction perspective, it did have a mild wave in the burn and after the ash fell it developed an off burn that required a mild touch up. Even so, this was a cigar that refined enthusiasts would enjoy. If you are just learning about cigars, this is one that will not overpower you and offer some discerning flavor. Pick up a five pack of these. I rate this a 92.

Point Deductions: (-1) Wave in Burn; (-1) Off-Burn; (-1) Required mild touch-up; (-1) Flat Burn Cone

RS Hubbard Maduro – The Entertainer

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  • I Love it , Great Cigar . I’ve recommended it to all of my BOTL AND SOTL . Had a very good response and it’s a Great Brand . Congratulations Hubbard Cigar Co.

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