Cigar Review: Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust – Muestra de Saka Krakatoa – Rated 98

Steve Saka and his Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust Cigar company have had a busy 2023, releasing a number of cigars to the market. One of those releases was the 7th iteration of the Muestra de Saka collection, which for those that may not be familiar with, means Sample of Saka. It is line of cigars that Steve describes as a glimpse into his blending machinations.

Muestra de Saka Krakatoa

Steve explained his journey for this rendition:

“I truly agonized over this puro’s liga and it took me well over three years to perfect. Delectably sweet and spicy on the palate, it is a refined, yet an explosion of flavor that is sure to satisfy the most experienced connoisseurs. It delivers sweet cedar, bright citrus, café, spice and earth to the palate while simultaneously being robust, yet also quite refined. I am honored to be able to share this unique blend with our loyal patrons.”

Steve describes the blend as:

  • Wrapper – Grade A1 Ecuador Habano Seed
  • Binder – Nicaraguan Sungrown
  • Filler – Nicaraguan Broadleaf, Criollo, Corojo ligero

The liga is expressed in a (6 x 48) corona gorda vitola and is hand crafted at Fábrica de Tabacos Joya de Nicaragua, S.A., the oldest factory in Nicaragua. The MSRP has been set at $20.75 and they come packaged in individual coffins, with 7 coffins per box.

Pre-Light Examination

The Muestra de Saka Krakatoa is wrapped in a strikingly beautiful chocolate brown leaf with a slight reddish tinge. The wrapper exhibits a decent oily sheen and minimal veins. The liga is packed well and has just the right give when pressed gently between the fingers. The roll is perfect with invisible seams throughout. Construction is finished with a unique “volcano” spiral colita cap.

Muestra de Saka Krakatoa

Like all Muestra de Saka ligas, it is adorned with a single footer band that is golden yellow with the name Muestra de Saka printed in red and for this one “Krakatoa” is printed in bold black over the red phrase.

Muestra de Saka Krakatoa

Running the liga across the nose I picked up rich floral notes along the barrel while the foot exuded notes of cocoa and nut.

I used my double blade Xikar cutter to slice the cap straight across the shoulder of the liga and gave it some cold draw puffs. Earth and pepper notes are the intial notes with a touch of cocoa the more you puff on it.

I used my single fan flame Xikar lighter to warm the foot to an even orange glow and drew in the first puffs that treated the palate with notes of toasted cracker and sweetness. Follow along as I burn this one to ash.

Cigar Review Notes

Muestra de Saka Krakatoa
Muestra de Saka Krakatoa
Muestra de Saka Krakatoa
Muestra de Saka Krakatoa
Muestra de Saka Krakatoa
Muestra de Saka Krakatoa
Muestra de Saka Krakatoa
  • First puffs offer a toasted cracker note with a hint of sweetness
  • Pepper and cocoa notes fill in the profile
  • A well-formed light grey ash forms on top of a thin and even char line
  • A touch of leather rounds out the early profile
  • The early sweetness morphs into a delectable caramel sweetness at the end of the first third
  • Nice oiling just above the burn line
  • The solid ash finally dropped revealing a perfect burn cone
  • Pleasant spice notes join the mix moving through the second third
  • Dark chocolate and fruit evolve in the final
  • Medium Strength
  • Total Smoking Time was 1 hour and 30 minutes

The initial draws of the Muestra de Saka Krakatoa present a delightful, toasted cracker essence, subtly underscored by a touch of sweetness. As the experience unfolds, pepper and cocoa nuances gracefully weave into the flavor profile. A subtle hint of leather emerges, contributing to the complexity of the early stages. Transitioning into the final moments of the first third, the initial sweetness transforms into a luscious caramel undertone. A well-balanced oiling just above the burn line enhances the overall aesthetic. The cigar maintains a solid well-formed ash that eventually drops, revealing a perfectly formed burn cone. Progressing into the second third, an enjoyable interplay of pleasant spice notes enriches the overall experience. Moving into the final third, a captivating blend of dark chocolate and fruity undertones finish the satisfying and flavorful journey. This is by far a truly amazing cigar from foot to nub (yes, I used my nub tool to get every last essence of this gem). Grab a box of these before they are gone for sure. I would say the profile is one that any cigar enthusiast would truly enjoy. I rate this a 98 – great job Steve!

Point Deductions: NONE

Bonus Points: (+1) Box Buy; (+1) Pristine Burn; (+1) Excellent Oiling Above the Burn Line; (+1) Positive experience is the same through multiple samples

Muestra de Saka Krakatoa

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