Cigar Review: Emilio Cigars audiophile Robusto – Rated 95

In the beginning of 2019, Black Label Trading Co. announced that they forged an agreement to market and produce Emilio Cigars which are owned by parent company L. J. Zucca. Speeding up to the end of 2022, the Emilio brand under the watchful eye of Fábrica Oveja Negra, released a new line of cigars called the audiophile.

Emilio Cigars audiophile Robusto

The cigar was first released in a single (5 x 52) Robusto vitola and then in 2023 the company added 2 more vitolas for a total of three while also tweaking the blend slightly and describing it as a Limited Edition. They come packaged in 20-count boxes:

  • Robusto – (5 × 52) – MSRP $10.50
  • Toro – (6 × 50) – MSRP $11.00
  • Short Robusto – (4.25 × 54) – MSRP $10.25

Master blender and owner of Black Label Trading Company and Fabrica Oveja Negra, James Brown, stated:

“Following its tremendous success in 2022, Audiophile returns with boldness, earthiness, and an enticing spice-forward profile. It represents a noteworthy step up in strength from the existing portfolio. I am genuinely thrilled about this release, particularly with the addition of two new vitolas this year.”

The blend is described as:

  • Wrapper – Ecuador Maduro
  • Binder – Ecuador Habano
  • Filler – Nicaragua

They are hand crafted at Fábrica Oveja Negra in Estelí, Nicaragua.

For this review, I sampled 2 of the audiophile robustos, which I received from the company for the purpose of reviewing on Stogie Press.

Pre-Light Examination

The Emilio Cigars Audiophile is cloaked in a dark brown wrapper that has a slight reddish hue to it. The wrapper has a matte finish to it and is smooth to the touch. There are minimal veins running through the wrapper. The cigar feels and looks solidly bunched and well rolled. A double cap completes the construction.

Emilio Cigars audiophile Robusto

A single band adorns the cigar. It declares the cigar as the ‘audiophile’ on one side and the other has an image of a human head with the face replaced with a mechanical CAD assembly drawing of a record turntable. The name ‘EMILIO’ is printed vertically in light metallic blue.

Emilio Cigars audiophile Robusto

Running the Audiophile along the nose I detected a sweet honeysuckle aroma along the barrel while the foot exuded notes of nuttiness and barnyard notes.

Using my double blade Xikar cutter, I sliced the cap straight across the shoulder of the cigar and gave it some cold draw puffs. The restriction was a tad more open than I like but certainly not airy. Black pepper notes warmed my lips and the more I puffed the pepper moved around the palate to the back of the throat.

I used my Xikar fan flame torch to warm the foot an even orange glow and drew in the first puffs of peppery and earth notes. Follow along as burn this one to ash!

Cigar Review Notes

Emilio Cigars audiophile Robusto
Emilio Cigars audiophile Robusto
Emilio Cigars audiophile Robusto
Emilio Cigars audiophile Robusto
Emilio Cigars audiophile Robusto
Emilio Cigars audiophile Robusto
  • The journey starts with an acceptable dose of peppery smoke that awakens the palate
  • Light grey ash forms on top of a medium thick and fairly even char line
  • Earth and woody notes quickly join the early profile
  • A slight lemon peel note appears near the end of the first third
  • Sweet fruity aroma wafts off the foot
  • The burn is spectacular carrying a long ash beyond the midway point
  • The early lemon peel morphs into more of a lemon grass note
  • Hint of cream joins the mix adding a pleasant balance
  • The ash fell after a long burn and revealed a perfect burn cone
  • Strength starts to ratchet up in the second third
  • Earth and pepper make a resurgence deep in the second third
  • Added bitterness moving into the final
  • Strength is Medium – Full
  • Total Smoking Time was 1 hour and 40 minutes

Final Analysis

The Emilio Cigars audiophile Robusto journey commences with a well-measured burst of peppery smoke, stirring the palate to attention. Earthy and woody notes swiftly intertwine, establishing the initial flavor profile. As the smoke unfurls, a subtle hint of lemon peel emerges towards the conclusion of the first third, lending a refreshing nuance to the experience. Meanwhile, a sweet fruity aroma gracefully emanates from the foot of the cigar. The burn unfolds spectacularly, carrying a resilient ash beyond the midway point, showcasing the cigar’s impressive construction.

The early lemon peel evolves into more of a lemon grass note, introducing a nuanced twist. A touch of cream enters the ensemble, contributing to a delightful and harmonious balance. The second third also sees a gradual amplification in strength, as earthy and peppery notes resurge, deepening the complexity of the flavor profile. Moving into the final stretch, a subtle bitterness is introduced. This is certainly worth grabbing a fiver of. I rate this a 95.

Point Deductions: (-1) Bitter in the final

Bonus Points: (+1) Pristine Burn; (-1) Long Ash;

Emilio Cigars audiophile Robusto

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