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Cordoba & Morales Family Reserve Lancero

cordoba & morales

As a small boutique cigar company, Cordoba & Morales is growing quickly with their 100 year cuban tradition in making cigars. Cordoba & Morales goes back to the Pinar del Rio area of Cuba. Grandma Celestina Cordoba Morales (where the name comes from) tought brothers Azarias Mustafa Córdoba and Osniel Mustafa Córdoba Azarias Mustafa Córdoba and Osniel Mustafa Córdoba the art of blending cigars.

Now in the 21st century this boutique cigar company is growing and manufacturing some of the best of the new sticks on the market. Cordoba & Morales, has doubled sales during their first three years to $70,000. Not bad for a small startup.

This sunday afternoon I chose the Cordoba & Morales Family Reserve Lancero which was provided to me by Azarias the other week at Paradise Cigarz, Rockledge Florida. I have smoked some large ring gauge stogies these past few weeks and the Lancero was a pleasant change. This Cordoba & Morales Family Reserve Lancero has an appealing velvety tan Ecuadorian Habano wrapper encasing Nicaraguan fillers and binders. All the leaf used in the blend is aged 3 years. The stick  is finished off with a traditional “pig tail” cap.

Biting off the pig tail, I take a dry draw which is open and free. There is a hint of leather on the draw and the barrel has a scent of chocolate.

I choose to fire it up using a sliver of cedar so as not to scorch the foot with my 4 flame torch. There are immediate notes of chocolate and some spice that I am quite familiar with in a Cordoba & Morales stick.

The ash is medium to dark grey and hung on for about and inch and half at a time.

As it burned, the complexity of the blend was pronounced. Providing notes of leather, spice, and mellowed chocolate. The smoke was creamy and full.

The finish picked up on the spice as did the strength, another Cordoba & Morales mark of perfection..

I paired this with an afternoon cup of joe.

Cordoba & Morales Family Reserve Lancero

Cordoba & Morales Family Reserve Lancero

If you have not tried a Cordoba & Morales cigar, I strongly suggest you search them out at your local shop, you will be pleased.

~Boston Jimmie~

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