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There is nothing like starting your Saturday morning with a fine cigar and some music on the deck. Today it was a  Core Zero Serie Patriot Constitution and some heavy metal rock by the Core Zero Band that got my blood flowing. You can view a video of the band later in the article.

Core Zero Serie Patriot Constitution

Core Zero (CZ) Cigars may not be a brand you are familiar with. The company was founded in 2012 and is made up of former Military and Law Enforcement officials. They started the journey in the cigar industry with the introduction of the namesake, Core Zero Cigar, and according to the Core Zero (CZ) Cigars Facebook page:

CZ Cigars is a new and upcoming cigar manufacturer with a close relationship with Core Zero a Metal band from the Denver metro area. Bryan who is the lead singer of Core Zero and Nick who is a staff member and graphic artist for Core Zero founded the company to blend the enjoyment of fine cigars and Heavy Metal music!!

Core Zero Cigars expanded their line in 2015 with the introduction of the Serie Patriot line which included two blends; the Declaracion and the Constitution. Both cigars represent the company’s patriotism and the battle the cigar industry is having with our federal government and job destruction regulations.

Today I offer the review of the Core Zero Serie Patriot Constitution, a 6 X 52 Toro wrapped with a Pennsylvania shade Connecticut leaf.

Bryan informs me the blend is Nicarguan in general and the ligero is from Esteli which gives it a little extra punch than normal for a mild cigar.


If you are into heavy metal rock, here is a video of the Core Zero band from the Mile High City of Denver, CO.


Cigar Review Notes

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  • Light tan velvety wrapper with some slight mottling
  • Nicely finished cap
  • Fruit and sweetness on foot
  • Barnyard and hay aromas along the barrel
  • Cold draw is lightly restricted with notes of pepper after a few cold puffs
  • Once ignited there is an initial dose of pepper and a hidden sweetness
  • Well formed medium grey ash
  • Pepper continues through first inch
  • Dry fruit and leather notes enter
  • Char line is thick
  • Ash falls after an inch and half
  • Pepper settles as an almond note appears
  • Smoke is full and creamy
  • Subtle sweetness builds end of first third
  • A plum fruit note enters into the second third
  • Burn cone is slightly off center resulting in a wave in the burn
  • Strength is building up to solid medium
  • Sweet woody aroma
  • Required a touch up midway
  • Touch of bitterness joins the profile
  • Cedar enter with a mild ginger spice finish
  • Finishes with rich cedar notes
  • Medium Strength
  • Total Smoking Time was just over 1 hour

Overall, the Core Zero Serie Patriot Constitution was stronger than expected Connecticut wrapped cigar and delivered some outstanding flavor notes. The characteristic Connecticut bitterness of the wrapper did not show up till late in the burn, which I believe is due to the selection of filler that brought early fruit and sweetness to the profile.

CZ Serie Patriot Constitution

CZ Serie Patriot Constitution




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