Crimson Lord Cigars -Home Wrecker

Crimson Lord Cigars – Home  Wrecker

IMG_20140726_180014I just came home from my friends Tracy and Mike’s 1 year anniversary of their lounge opening – Tracy’s Lounge. I was introducing my fellow BOTL’s and SOTL’s to the new blends I recieved at IPCPR, and thought about the one cigar that was not at the convention. So after the festivities at Tracy’s Lounge I got settled back into  Jimmie’s Gar Cave and reached in the humidor. I pulled out a Crimson Lord Cigars Home Wrecker. This was one of the sticks I received a few weeks ago from Crimson Lords.

This stick is a monster, 6×54, with a velvet dark brown Ecuadorian Habano wrapper.The scent of the leaf was that of sweet hay  both on the wrapper and the foot. As I clip the head and take a dry puff, I notice there is a clean draw with a hint of sweetness.

The Construction of this Beauty is comprised of:

  • Wrapper: Ecuador Habano
  • Binder: Nicaragua
  • Filler: Nicaragua

Now let me say; a 6×64 is a bold move for a new cigar family, but as you will read and see, the Home Wrecker is right on.

I want to also apologize for calling this fine stick the “Home Breaker” instead of the “Home Wrecker’ in the videos. Sorry Guys.

Cueing up some Led Zeppelin 4, otherwise known as the ZoSo (which Page’s symbol appears to spell), I settle down and fire this beast of a stick up. As Robert sings “I Smoke my stuff and drank all my wine”, I  think how lucky I am to have a bride that loves my cigar hobby, because this is going to be a long smoke.

There was an early blast of spice  but to my surprise she mellowed gently, as her silky light grey ash evolved.

The rain is falling and lighting cracking. “If it keeps on raining Levi gonna break”

Suddenly there is a another touch of pepper. After a few more puffs it amazingly mellowed again.

Lords, this is a tease!
I notice the wrapper burning a little off-center and give it a simple touch up and the ash burns tight with a solid dark line.
I notice some notes of fruit and spice coming in. It is like a winding road – a windy staircase to cigar heaven
The rain has calmed and so has this stick. There begins a mellow peppery flavor with a  backdrop of fruit.

As the burn approaches the label, the ash is hanging on strong. I gently remove the label to preserve the ash. At this point, a good two-thirds into the smoke,  a hint of chocolate comes through.
I would say to all who smoke this stick, don’t put it down at the label, remove the label and sit back to enjoy what’s next. It is like watching the credits after the movie “The Hangover“. The Best is about to come.
 The flavor evolved one more time as it moved from bitter and sweet chocolate to a spicy oak. A wonderful finish.

After 2 complete Zeppelin Vinyls, a long ash, and flavorful smoke, I have to say I found great pleasure in writing this review of the Crimson Lord Cigars, Home Wrecker.