Crux Cigars Ninfamaniac Natural Cigar Review

The evening weather here in Central Florida has finally turned to comfortable cigar smoking temperatures and humidity. With such nice weather, I decided I would take the Crux Cigars, Ninfamaniac outside on my deck for a little pleasure. It has been awhile since I picked her up in New Orleans, and after resting since July it was time to wake her up for my enjoyment.

Crux Ninfamaniac

Crux Ninfamaniac

The Crux Nifamaniac was introduced last year as part of the inaugural line of cigars that included such names as the Bull & Bear, the Passport, the Crux Classic, and the Skeeterz.  In the case of the Ninfamaniac, it is based off the classic Cuban Ninfa 7×33 vitola but with an added twist of finishing the head and foot like a perfecto. It is a unique looking cigar, and it caught my eye with its thin dark tanned body. I know how hard it is to roll vitolas like this and hope that the Crux creation lives up to its name as it is teasing me right now to get her fired up.

For this review I am sampling the Ninfamaniac natural.

I should note that Crux also has a Ninfamaniac Dark. The Ninfamaniac is constructed with Nicaraguan filler, bound with an Indonesian binder, and finally dressed with a silky smooth Habano Jalapa wrapper. The Dark version has the same binder and filler but uses a Habano Sungrown Jalapa wrapper. Both the natural and dark are offered in only one size – 7×33.

As I take her to my back deck, I run my nose along her body and pick up a faint scent of sweetness and spice.  I hold her up to evening light and examine her silky smooth skin, closed on both ends, adorned with a delightful band that has an image of a nymph wearing a halo and the word Ninfamaniac printed on the other side.

I sliced the head at a 45 degree angle to cut remove the tip and rolled the head around my lips. I can taste of spice. I fire up my single flame lighter to get her going and it takes some time with the closed foot.  The draw is tight as if she was cold as ice but I keep working it and she opens up a little letting me have a taste now and then.  All I can say is, chocolate and spice and everything is nice as the smoke slowly fills my waiting and patient palate. The smoke is coming in at a medium volume once she got turned on a bit.

Examining the innocent white ash between puffs, I notice she maintains a thin orange glow along the char line. Now into a good inch of teasing me she loosens up her burn some more, delivering increasing volumes of smoke.  Her ash is not as tight as some other cigars I smoke, but even though it fell after an inch, the burn itself was razor sharp and always built up small ash each time after falling.

The chocolate is now front and center at this point. I wonder if she knows how much I like chocolate, but then again who doesn’t.

One third into the love affair and she has comfortably opened up to me so I can fully enjoy the smoky flavor delight being delivered. The chocolate recedes and there is a cinnamon component that starts to dance on the palate as the ash falls after another 1/2 inch or so. I need to keep an eye on her as she keeps teasing me with that ash, showing it to me then dropping it. The retro-hale is fairly smooth with a slight bite of cinnamon spice that keeps the nose alive. I am liking how the spice lingers on the palate between puffs.

A fruity and floral aroma is developing; I would describe it as orange flower. You may not know that scent unless you live in a place like Florida that has an abundance of orange trees.   By the halfway point she has opened up wide for me, delivering a full mouthful of medium strength, flavorful, aromatic smoke.

White pepper enters the mix adding more zest to the lingering spice and opening the nose up for the remainder of the experience;   an experience that starts with a nutty aroma in the final third as the smoke starts to mellow down. She must like the way I am puffing on her as she lets out an occasional spice bite on the retro-hale. The flavor shifts to a fruit and sweet nut component. Before I lay her down to rest, a few last puffs deliver notes of toasted oak and nut.

Overall, the Ninfamaniac from Crux Cigars was a pleasurable smoking experience lasting just over an hour. The burn was impressive and the wrapper oiled up in the final third. I enjoyed our time together but now I must say goodnight and return to the true love of my life to enjoy our anniversary night.

I would like to thank Crux cigars for the sample and look forward to experiencing more of their creative blends.

Crux Ninfamaniac

Crux Ninfamaniac