November Editorial

Jimmie & Ziggy

Where has the year gone? It’s mid November already and the thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and  other gift giving and appreciation holidays are on top of us. This is the time of the year Stogie Press publishes our little diddy of a gift ideas and thoughts. We have more than just a gift guide in this issue. We have a Port Wine pairing article that may open your eyes and senses to additional flavor sensations during this holiday time. We have spent some time creating a play list of songs that talk about cigars as our gift to you, so you can add it to your listening pleasure, while puffing on your favorite blend of leaf.

As a publication, Stogie Press continues to grow in readership thanks to our loyal subscribers and all our social media fans. We recently started to experiment with the new Periscope app to bring you live feeds of our smoking enjoyment, events, and travels. We hope to bring more “scoping” feeds in the future so get the app and tune in to us when we pop up the scope.

As much as we wanted to attend some local herfs this past month we were not able to do to my hospitalization. Now that everything is all healed, the Stogie Press crew will be attending the Corona Cigars and Cars event November 21 and will have an article on that in our December issue. We will even have the Periscope up now and then. We will also be taking a little trip down to the Florida Keys and Key West to check in with our friends at Rodriguez cigars. You will see that article in our January issue.

We have lots in store in the coming months as we continue to grow Stogie Press based on your input and comments. If you haven’t subscribed yet, feel free to do so, it costs nothing and you get the latest articles and reviews sent right to your email, free of charge.

So lets get this holiday season off to a grand start and by all means be safe out there and enjoy.

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