Editorial – October 2015

IMG_1005This past month has been epic to say the least, here at Stogie Press. The Site has hit new highs in readership and subscriptions and we would like to thank all of our supporters for that. We moved to a new location here in the Melbourne FL area that gives us a bigger lounge and a nice outside deck to relax in the autumn sun and enjoy cigars and friends, along with a big yard for our little furry Stogie Head, Ziggy to romp around and play.

We would also like to thank all those that participated last month in our cigar giveaway contest, it was fun to see the many guesses at the number of bands in that über Paulaner mug. If you want to know how many bands were in that massive drinking vessel you can read the article in this month’s issue and see who has won cigar giveaway.

We all use it, and almost wake and go to sleep by it, Social Media that is. This month we  have a special article on social media based on research my lovely bride Dianne has done. She wrote a wonderful article on the history and future of the social media with a spin on sharing that cigar loving experience. I am sure you may not know all that she reports on, I know I didn’t. There are just so many new social media outlets out there and Dianne breaks it down in a simple to understand way. So get your Periscope up and check that article out.

It was a crazy month of travel for Boston Jimmie not to mention the unexpected hospital stay for a ruptured gall bladder that put me down but not out. It did keep me from doing reviews and gathering the Stogie heads together but that will be fixed now that I am.  Expect some additional reviews this coming month as my notes are backed up and we need to get the information out to you.

It is this time of the year that we normally attend the Tampa Cigar Bash, but with staples still in me and long distance travel sidelined I regret I will not be able to make the show this year. We will however be at the Corona CigarsCars and Cigars Event – in November. So if you are in the Orlando area come on out to this event and say hi, it is a good one and we will have full coverage of it in Stogie Press.

We had an opportunity while visiting Detroit a few weeks ago, to stop in a small shop in Rochester Hills, Michigan known as Goodfellas Cigars Inc. We met up with the shop manager Ian and did a review of his shop which you can read this month and also walk through their amazing humidor with some of the best selection in the area.

We connected with a company called Whiff Industries and they sent us a sample of their product Whiff Out to review. We took this amazing product on a full test drive in the Stogie Press lounge and the results were amazing. Checkout the review and you too may want to get your hands on some Whiff Out for your cave or vehicle.

Now that October has arrived fall weather has finally knocked on our door here in Central Florida. The weather has cooled down and the humidity has dropped providing a perfect time to sit outside and enjoy your favorite cigar and commune with nature. Of course if you are in the other parts of the country you may be looking for warmer places to indulge but based on my travels you all have had a an amazing spring and summer whereas here in Florida it has been brutally hot and muggy. The next six months is our time to enjoy the nice weather.

In closing this months editorial, we would like to note that the FDA and our Government has yet to make a decision on the deeming regulations on our beloved industry.  Don’t be complacent because of the inaction, be diligent and keep writing your representatives and reminding them that you are a cigar smoker and you vote. Don’t let the Government take your rights to a premium cigar away.

Stay Smokey my Friends


~Boston Jimmie

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  • Bummed that you won’t make it to the cigar bash…I was hoping to meet you Jimmy. Did you have tickets purchased already?

    • I am bummed too. I will be at the Corona Cars and Cigars event in late November. I did not have a ticket for the bash, I was about to buy it and ended up in the ER.

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