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The following review of the My Father Cigars LA ANTIGUEDAD is from a friend of mine Eric Gauthier from the Facebook group Cigar Club Lounge. I gifted Eric a couple of sticks from a box I purchased last month. Eric is a disabled Marine veteran and artist. He paints cigar related art and has some awesome T-shirts for sale also. I want to introduce Eric to my readers as he is having issues finding work and is currently at risk of losing his home. The members of Cigar Club Lounge have organized a fund for Eric and any help we can provide will be appreciated. The fund link is

I have to say, I have smoked through a box of these and Eric’s review is spot on.

Thanks Eric.


And now for the review.

Review by: Eric Gauthier


Habano , Ecuador , Rosado

With an Oscuro Wrapper

With the roasting of the foot , the aroma was pleasant and not over powering . The draw is flawless .


The burn on the My Father Cigars, La Antiquedad is very very clean . I only had 2 touch ups that needed to be done throughout the entire cigar . The construction of the cigar is rock solid . The wrapper was a beautiful sight with some ” tooth ” to it , and had a wonderful oily sheen that was very very nice .


I begin with the first few draws and taste a smoothness of earth and a slightly spiced nutty flavor on the retro hale . The first third is very smooth and mellow and very tasty to say the least .


From the first 3rd to the halfway point , the flavor of the cigar slightly increases and is not too ” peppery ” on the palate. I have to say at this point the ash is still tight and still on the cigar ensuring an amazingly cool smoke .

Original La Antiquedad Cuban Cigar Box

Original La Antiquedad Cuban Cigar Box


Now here is where the fun begins and the flavor profile changes to earth and natural leather and the “spice ” picks up more, and the ” walnut ” flavor subsided . The finish and the taste of this cigar on the lips lasts quite awhile even though I find myself licking my lips after just about very draw.


Now the last 3rd . The flavor is at the maximum and I find it quite difficult to continue because of the smoke becoming hot . This may not be the cigar contributing to this, as I am a faster paced smoker . I literally removed the ash 3 times for the entire enjoyment of this cigar . This cigar had the ability to make me want to ” sip ” each draw of smoke , instead of pulling the draw in fast and long . Some cigars , the longer you draw in , the better the flavor . This is not one of those cigars . This cigar is made to be sipped and enjoyed slowly .


All in all , I have to say that I will be buying more of these cigars very very soon. My personal rating on this cigar ( from 1 being the lowest rating , to 10 being perfect ) I will honestly give this cigar a 9.25 rating . I have even written this in my cigar journal .

I feel that this cigar is an excellent addition to your regular rotation as well as have a box on hand to age .


I would strongly recommend this cigar to friends and cigar aficionados alike . This is the PERFECT after dinner , early evening cigar that you can enjoy to take the edge off at the end of the day . Throughout my review of this cigar , I did not eat anything an hour before hand , and for a beverage I had a glass of Poland spring drinking water and nothing else . I didn’t want the beverage to alter the taste of the cigar . So my review on what I feel would be great to pair this with is yet to be determined .


For this specific review , I wanted the flavors of the cigar ONLY , to give a more accurate ( to the best of my ability ) review . Mind you that after each draw , a drink of water took place to help clean the pallet for the next draw . I especially drank more water on the focus points of the cigar at the 3rds interval . I feel that is where the flavor profile begins to change . I appreciate the opportunity to give a complete review . I look forward to posting more . I hope this informational review can help you in your decision to purchasing some of these great cigars for YOUR humidor .



-East Coast Eric

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