Flatbed Cigars Panacea Green Cigar Review – By Zach Riley

My friend and colleague Jon Rainey is the Southeastern Rep for Flatbed Cigars, and he is the one that turned me onto this cigar, and the Flatbed cigar brand all together. I really looked forward to reviewing it, so when Cigar Room Shoals got them in I picked up several from the lineup.  Being a Pennsylvania Broadleaf fan this was the first I tried but last to review, so sit back and relax.

Panacea Green

Panacea Green

Flatbed Cigars describe the blend on their website as:

  • Wrapper: Pennsylvania Broadleaf
  • Binder: Cuban seed Habano
  • Filler: Triple Ligero (Piloto Cubano, Olor Dominicano, and Nicaragua)

Sizes and Price:

  • Robusto 5×50: $113.99/Box of 20
  • Wild Thing 6×60: $297.99/Box of 40 or $164.99/Bundle of 20
  • Toro 6×52: $122.99/Box of 20
  • Torpedo 6×52: $122.99/Box of 20
  • Green 560 5×60 $262.99/Box of 40, $154.99/Bundle of 20, or $84.99/12-count Oil Can (you have to look at their site to see this)

Box prices are on Flatbed website.

Smoking Experience:

Cold Draw: For this review I sampled the Panacea Green Torpedo.  In the cold draw I am getting a robust amount of leather, wood, and earth. Should be an interesting cigar, so I’m going to go ahead and light up and see where it takes me.

First Third: The beginning of the Panacea green label is quite interesting. The notes that I was getting in the cold draw are very similar to what I’m getting in the inhale. There is a moderate amount of spice, some cedar notes, but the spice is almost like a Cajun Creole type spice. The aroma smells like something that you would smell on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. I have been to New Orleans, so I would know. Through the nose I am getting some white pepper spice, a nice floral note, and a wonderful drywood flavor as well. Give me some time and I will be back with the second third shortly.

Second Third: We have begun the second third of the Panacea green label cigar. The spice notes that were in the beginning of the first third of the blend have died down quite a bit. I am now getting more sweetness. The notes I’m getting now are a citrus, a dry black pepper, but it is very light, and now the New Orleans main course has turned into a dessert type dish. This is all through the inhale. Through the nose I am getting some fruit, and hay. The pepper that was in the beginning has dissipated almost completely. I’ll be back later with the finish.

Panacea Green

Panacea Green

Finish: We are in the final third of the Panacea green label. The strength in this cigar has seriously picked up. The flavors I am getting in the inhale are: a heavy hickory flavor, earthy texture, and believe it or not the spice is actually picked up again some. It is not overly immense, but it is there. Through the nose I am getting a great amount of creaminess, a burnt wood taste, but in a good way, and a wonderful earthy flavor similar to the inhale.

Overview: I really enjoyed smoking this cigar. Lots of strength, great representation of a Pennsylvania broadleaf. I didn’t have to do anything special to smoke it. Never ran on me, no touch up, and good dynamic flavor throughout. Sorry I’ve been spastic in my reviews of late. Work has been crazy. Hope to review more soon! Stay smokey family!

Panacea Green

Panacea Green

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