Flatbed Cigars Pennsyltucky Cigar Review – By Zac Riley

Our man Zac Riley, out in Muscle Shoals, Alabama is falling in love with Flatbed Cigars. Here’s his latest review of the Pennsyltucky blend from the company.

Flatbed cigars Pennsyltucky

This is another Rainey Day special today. We’ve got the Flatbed cigars Pennsyltucky. I thought this was going to be a really interesting concept, so I thought why not take this one for a spin as well, so sit back, relax, and enjoy another review from me, Zac Riley.


  • Wrapper: Pennsylvania broadleaf and Kentucky fire cured
  • Binder: Habano
  • Filler: Piloto Cubano and Olor Dominicano
Flatbed cigars Pennsyltucky

Flatbed cigars Pennsyltucky

Sizes and Price per size: 

  • 5×60: $30.99 per 4 pack
  • 7×40: $29.99 per 4 pack

Smoking Experience: 

Cold Draw: The cold draw is bringing an interesting wildfire type of flavor, with some earthy notes, and some leather. Let’s get this cigar rolling!

First Third: The first third of the Flatbed Pennsyltucky is really interesting. So far I am getting that wood and smokey flavor like I mentioned in the cold draw, but not in an overpowering way at all. There is a mild sweetness and almost no spice at all. Really interesting thus far. Through the nose I am getting some heavy sweetness, a light hint of white pepper, and almost a floral sensation on the back-end. The first third has been very flavorful!

Second Third: The second third of the Flatbed Pennsyltucky has changed a good bit. The main flavor I am getting on the inhale now is a really dry hickory with some hints of some smoked woody notes as well. There is also a little more red pepper spice than in the first third. It is a really nice change from not having any spice at all. Through the nose I am getting a salty peanut, some light black pepper rather than red pepper that is in the inhale, and a light maple syrup with a dash of vanilla extract. 

Final Third/Finish: The finish of the Pennsyltucky by Flatbed has moved to another flavor profile yet again. The hickory flavor has moved to a really nice smokey BBQ flavor. It tastes like you’re eating a burger or something straight off of a charcoal grill, yum! There is also some hints of the red pepper that was there in the second third of the smoke. Through the nose I am getting a floral note and almost no spice. There is some creaminess, and light hints of vanilla on the back-end of the retro.

Overview: This wasn’t a bad cigar at all. Had a lot of good character, lots of  strength, needed some touching up, burn wasn’t as good as the last three Flatbed cigars I have smoked, but it was good. Overall if I was in the mood,  I would certainly smoke it again. I’m not in the mood for KFC very much, but this is a great tweak to the KFC blending style. Well done. I hope this gives you an idea of the flavor of this cigar, and as always I hope you enjoyed. Until then stay smokey!

You can buy these direct from the Flatbed Cigar Company on their website.

Flatbed cigars Pennsyltucky

Flatbed cigars Pennsyltucky

2 thoughts on “Flatbed Cigars Pennsyltucky Cigar Review – By Zac Riley

  • Hey I am local to Florence and would like to pick your brain on furthering my cigar experience. Good read, and after having tried the Pynnsyltucky, You’re right on the money!
    Name’s Brandon

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