Flor de Florez Original Miami Blend Robusto Cigar Review

Flor de Florez Original Miami Blend

Back in 1994 Carlos Florez introduced a terrific cigar to the market known as the Miami Blend that was met with rave reviews and launched Carlos Florez into the premium cigar business. Now 22 years later Carlos has reintroduced the Original Miami Blend to the market and I have to say it is just as awesome. You can read the history of Flor de Florez on their website.  It is available in 3 vitolas and packaged in 20 count boxes. :

  • Robusto – 5 x 50 ($145.00/box)
  • Toro – 6 1/3 x 52 ($162.00/box)
  • Torpedo – 6 1/3 x 52 ($180.00/box)

Today I have sampled the Original Miami Blend Robusto which I received from Flor de Florez a few months ago.

The Flor de Florez Original Miami Blend is a terrific 3 country blend of aged tobaccos including a 4 year aged Peruvian ligero filler with a Nicaraguan binder all cloaked with a pristine Mexican San Andres wrapper. The dark brown wrapper is smoother than most of the gritty San Andres wrapper I have experienced on the market and is finished with a well applied cap and nearly invisible seams and very light veins. The  Flor de Florez Original Miami Blend is proudly made in the USA just like they were, back in 1994 using the original blends from his Father and Uncle.

The band on the cigar is simple, blue and white, with the words Flor de Florez in bold print. The top is white and the words “FLOR de” in blue and the bottom of the band is blue with the word “FLOREZ”  in white.

Flor de Florez Original Miami Blend

Flor de Florez Original Miami Blend

Running it across the nose, I pick up a delicious mix of fruit and cocoa on the foot and a spicy fermented tobacco along the barrel. Once the cap is sliced off the cold draw had a perfect restriction to it offering a hint of spice and fruit on the palate.From these early observations  I am anticipating a terrific smoking experience as I sit in the late afternoon Florida heat in the Stogie Press lounge.

I chose to go “old school” to fire up the Flor de Florez and used a simple cedar spill to warm and ignite the foot. The smoke was chocolaty to start with a touch of cedar and a spicy aroma all delivered in a palate coating creamy smoke. The burn was perfect and each puff further developed a dark grey ash on the foot, although the ash does not hold on for too long as it drops around 3/4 of an inch into the burn. That is good know for all you long ash lovers out there.

As it completes the 1st third, the Flor de Florez Original Miami Blend builds on the early spice note, letting it take more of center stage and the aroma shifts to more of a spicy fruit. Casually a nut flavor rears its head and blends in with the spice to keep the palate entertained.  Each time the ash falls I am very impressed by how well-formed and centered the burn cone.is demonstrating the most excellent construction of the cigar. The 2nd third finishes with a resurgence of cocoa and then the last third sees an added spice again that basically takes over the profile in both flavor and aroma tingling the lips and the tongue down to the nub.

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Overall the Flor de Florez Original Miami Blend cigar is one that Carlos should be proud of, as he brings the premium cigar lover back to the early days of boutique cigars with a flavorful and aromatic cigar that is constructed with the highest of standards and quality just like he did back in 1994. This is one that I took down to the nub and you may do so also.  I would like to thank Carlos Florez Jr. for the sample and look forward to more of what this classic  cigar man has to offer in the future.

Flor de Florez Original Miami Blend

Flor de Florez Original Miami Blend

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