Moya Ruiz Cigars Receives Patent on Nunchuck Cigar


It’s official!  Danny Moya from Moya Ruiz cigars, has received a patent on “connected cigars”. After releasing the Nunchuck line of cigars back in 2014, Moya Ruiz applied for a patent for the concept of connected cigars. The US Patent office has granted the patent which can be viewed here:



The patent was filed in November of 2014 and was granted May 3, 2016. It is valid for 14 years. The Nunchuck was greeted with rave reviews back in 2014 and was a collaboration with Cigar Dojo.

The only other patent I know of for a cigar is the Litto Gomez “Chisel”.

Congratulations to the Danny Moya and the Moya Ruiz team.

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