Kings Cigars Baron Robusto – Cigar Review

When you think of royalty what comes to mind? Castles, Coats of Arms, Knights, Kings and Queens? Regal character comes to mind or demonstrating a splendid appearance or exceptional beauty. That is what the Kings Cigars Baron is all about. It is a splendid and quite beautiful cigar. From the line of Kings Cigars we chose to sample the Baron first, it seemed to be the most mild of all their blends from the look of it. Actually the term Baron means the lowest of the noble hierarchy so the smoking experience of the Kings line should only get better. Now we are here to say that if things do get better the Baron has set some high expectation for the Kings, King of Kings, and Conde blends because as you will read, hear and see – the Baron is one fine smoking experience.

kings cigars baron

Examining the Kings Cigars Baron, you will notice the silky smooth Ecuadorian Connecticut  wrapper.There is virtually no veins noticeable on this  wrapper which is characteristic of the Ecuadorian Connecticut leaf. The team at Kings Cigars say that the wrapper is aged 3 years but it doesn’t end there. The Binder is a Habano Criollo and the Filler is a fusion of 3 different leaves from Nicaragua – Viso and Seco from Jalapa and Seco from Esteli.

The band is in the shape of a Coat of Arms that is the theme across all the Kings Cigars line. Each blend has a different coat of arms each adorned with a gold and blue crown. The Baron is black white and gold. The gold stripes from distance look like they have stars in them but upon closer examination you will see that they are lions another symbol of royalty. The remainder of the band is a gradient green and black with the words Kings Cigars on both sides  and the phrase Hand Made Nicaragua. Of course the bottom of the band states it is the Baron.


Kings Cigars - Baron

Kings Cigars – Baron


The Baron is available in 2 Vitolas:

  • Robusto: 5 X 52
  • Churchill: 7 X 52

For this review my friend and Stogie Press member Anthony (Brooklyn Tony) Zizzo and I sampled the Robusto 5×52.

You can see the Video Review here:

The initial aroma of the Kings Cigars Baron had a sweet hay like scent on the foot perhaps a bit grassy. As we cut the cap the draw was unrestricted.

I fired the Baron up using one of the stick matches that the Kings Cigars team provided with the samples. Tony used his torch lighter. The initial puffs offered up some pepper that struck in the back of the throat and the nasals. The pepper lasted for about the first 3/4 of an  inch on the burn. It settled into a delicate sweetness and there was an amazing lack of bitterness for a Connecticut wrapper – 2 thumbs up for the Kings Cigars team on that. Aging does help. As the Baron progressed in the burn there was a distinctive nutty aroma coming off the foot that reminded me of pecans roasting.

The sweetness maintained itself into the second third and there was a cinnamon component that entered the mix. My buddy Tony said he picked that up even earlier, but I may have been focused too much on the pepper. The nutty aroma continued making this a very pleasurable smoke so far. The ash held on fairly long before falling and always picked right up for another run. it was like the Baron was in sync with  the Yankees pre season game we were watching this night as they kept scoring runs on the Braves. Not a Yankee fan here, but Tony is so I tolerate watching them play. The Baron didn’t need to be tolerated, it was delivering exactly what it should – flavor enjoyment. The burn was solid, pin point down to the nub.

As it transitioned into the final third, the Kings Cigars Baron  started wafting a sweet caramel off the foot which also mixed in with the flavor giving the Kings Cigars Baron a flavor profile that made it stand out among many of the cigars on the market. We both agreed it was like a pecan covered coffee cake, you know the ones that have the pecans and drizzled sugar across it with that touch of cinnamon.

pecan coffee cake

Simply Delicious. The sweetness was always present on the tip of the tongue and the balance of flavor was right on.

Kings Cigars Baron

Kings Cigars Baron

You can reach Kings Cigars on twitter at @Kings_Cigars_ they also have a Facebook page and their website is

All cigars for this review were provided by Kings Cigars.

– Boston Jimmie