Bill Bromley OG – Cigar Review

It has been a long hard winter again, especially for those in the Northeast of the US not mention that the cold and snow even made it down to many of the southern states too with record lows in Florida and Key West. So now spring has arrived and there are two things I love about spring. First, you can finally start to sit outside and enjoy a good cigar and secondly, baseball has begun. Oh yea one other thing about spring, it is Bill Bromley’s birthday. It would be only proper for me to do a review of the Bill Bromley OG on his birthday while sitting out in the Stogie Press Lounge watching some spring season baseball games.

Bill Bromley OG

Bill Bromley OG

The Bill Bromley OG, like other Bill Bromley cigars, was:

  • Created by Bill himself
  • Blended  by Bayron Duarte
  • Produced by Oscar Valladares.

This collaboration also developed the Butter cigar, which I reviewed late last year. You can’t go wrong when you are working with Oscar and Bayron his Master Blender.

The Bill Bromley OG is a delicious looking stick , wrapped with a smooth coffee-bean colored leaf. If you look at the foot you will notice some nice dark leaf blended in the mix. I just know that ingredient will offer up give some amazing flavors.

Bill Bromley OG

Bill Bromley OG

The two bands on the OG are similar to the Bill Bromley Butter. The primary band is red, gold, black, and white prominently displaying the Bill Bromley logo.  The second band identifies the cigar as an OG. I am not sure what the “OG” stands for. I did do a search and found that it means “Original Gangsta” in the urban dictionary. I am not sure if that is what Bill had in mind, but I am sure we will find out.

The pre light aroma is that of sweet tobacco. No spice or pepper. Clipping the head and giving it a few dry draws there is a sweetness on the draw and the draw itself is slightly restricted but breathing well. The Bill Bromley OG is a well packed cigar constructed from:

  • Wrapper: Honduran Maduro
  • Binder: Costa Rican
  • Filler: Nicaragua

It is perfect cigar smoking weather in the lounge, clear blue skies and a low humidity mid 70 degrees.

I decided to light the OG with a cedar splint and it fired right up. I could tell it was going to be a slow burner as the draw had that slight restriction to it. The first few puffs delivered a sweet almond flavor with a developing snow white ash on the end of a pin point burn. The smoke was amazingly full and the retrohale was especially smooth. It took little time before the sweet brown wrapper started to oil up and glisten in the sun light.

As the Bill Bromley OG burned through the 1st third there was a touch of bitter coffee that quickly  transitioned into a creamy mocha coffee flavor that stayed through most of the 2nd third. So far this has been an enjoyable and satisfying medium body smoke. The ash held for a good 2 inches before falling and continued to burn perfectly. This is one cigar you will not have to touch up as it delivers a consistent and balanced flavor.

As the Bill Bromley OG  gets toward the final third there is a shift to a sweet caramel flavor that eventually morphs into a jam on toast like flavor near the end of the cigar. Yes this in one you want to take to the nub if you can. It did not burn hot and you will miss the toasty surprise if you extinguish it prematurely.

The smoke was full and creamy throughout and the burn was slow.

Overall this is another fine cigar from Bill Bromley. Oh yea the Red Sox game was cancelled today so I watched the Yankees loose to St Louis. Yea!

Bill Bromley OG

Bill Bromley OG

You can ask your local B&M if they ccarry or perhaps should carry the Billl Bromley line or you can order directly from the Bill Bromley Website. Before I close, let me say once again, Happy Birthday Bill and thank you for the samples to review. I absolutely enjoyed the OG and the Butter.


-Boston Jimmie