La Jugada Nunchuck – Cigar Review


Well it has been a while since I got the La Jugada Nunchuck back in July of 2014. Of course I got one of side of the connected sticks, but hey, that’s ok, I let it rest a long time and now I get to smokeand review it. Don’t worry Moya Ruiz guys I haven’t forgotten you, I just felt this fine cigar should be aged some before I reviewed it. The Nunchuck is a uniquely packaged cigar. It normally comes in pairs in a box of ten where each pair are linked together with a common fuse that connects their caps which makes the Nunchuk. The pair is then banded with a large outer band to keep them paired up. I did a little martial arts back in the day but I wouldn’t be using this Nunchuck in any martial arts exercise, they are made to puff on.


In their press release Danny Moya stated:

Our company was coming up to its one year anniversary so we wanted to create something special, something unique. We made this limited edition cigar (1000 boxes) in dedication to the members of the Cigar Dojo. This social media community has supported us from day one, and is one of the key reasons for our company’s success.

Moya Ruiz markets the Nunchuck in one limited edition size, 7 x 54 and they are intended to be sold in pairs by the retailer. Overall there are 10,000 cigars or 5,000 Nunchucks being sold. The Nunchuck was actually an inspiration derived from the Cigar Dojo website and created for them. I understand they were the first to experience this unique cigar.

Like other La Jugada cigars, the guys from Moya Ruiz turned to Erik Espinosa and his Nicaraguan La Zona factory to produce these gems. You can’t go wrong there. Unlike other Moya Ruiz cigars the Nunchuck is their first Nicaraguan puro. It has a Dark brown Habano Oscuro wrapper that encases Nicaraguan binder and filler. The wrapper is velvety smooth and slightly oily with practically invisible seams.

The outer connecting band and the band on each stick are the same. Red, White, and Black with a distinguishing, comic book red “wham” splotch, with the word Nunchuck printed in black, If you look at the “H” you will see the vertical lines in it are connected together with a chain to make a Nunchuck symbol.

La Jugada Nunchuck

La Jugada Nunchuck

The pre-light scent offers a sweet cocoa aroma along with some notes of raisin. The scent is so enticing I could sniff this all night and not light it up. Ok I exaggerated a bit, but I did sniff the Nunchuck for a few minutes just to be sure it was for real. Dos that sound weird? Oh well it is true.

Clipping the cap the dry draw is open and has a sprinkle of spice and dash of peppery cocoa. Well so far so good. It is time to fire her up, I think she rested long enough.

WHAM!!…. A nice shot of pepper. Wow,  OK I know martial arts, I send back a forearm block, but the pepper gets through and fills my nostrils. BAM! POW! KA POW! Ok,  I try a a square block but to no avail as the Nunchuck shows it is in control.

It has decent draw with a nice tight white ash and good burn line. The smoke is full peppery and creamy with a background of leather. This is a slow burner and that is ok with me. As it gets past the initial inch or so, there is a woody almost cedar component coming in. And the ash holds tight. A nutty aroma develops as it approaches the end of the first third. Thank goodness, as I don’t know if my nostrils could take more of a pepper pounding, but it did open them up and I like that in a cigar.

As the La Jugada  Nunchuck started the second round, the raisin shows its face and the nut aroma shifts into the flavor profile. The pepper faded back and the retro-hale had much diminished burn. Mid way through the second round the Nunchuck offers me some sweetness as the ash fell around 2.5 inches. Maybe she is settling in? Did I tame it, or is the Nunchuck teasing me?

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A hint of fruit and baking spice, maybe graham cracker, entered the profile for a brief moment before the start of the 3 round. As the bell rang for the final round the Nunchuck comes out with another hit of pepper and a touch of earth. Oh nooooo Mr. Bill….its going to bury me, but I take it like a champ and ride out the final round taking it down to the nub.

Overall the Nunchuck had a burn that was impeccable and the flavors were ultra-delightful with just the right transitions of balanced notes.

Too bad these are only limited production sticks, but that’s how it is, get them while you can. Thank You Moya Ruiz for the sample and the sparing session.

La Jugada Nunchuck

La Jugada Nunchuck


You can get these at many fine shops including The Mancave Cigar Lounge in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

-Boston Jimmie