Lifestyle: Victms 1975 by Jessi Flores To Debut Sunday, April 19, 2020

Jessi Flores, aka Jessi “Victms” Flores, today announced that he has launched his new apparel and accessories line Victms 1975 by Jessi Flores via

In today’s press release, Jessi noted:

“Launching my own brand has been a life-long dream for me. Victms 1975 by Jessi Flores has been in the works for a minute. I’ve taken everything my fans have asked for and tried to deliver it as best I can.

Everyone knows that it’s been a hard year for me personally because of my daughter’s pending surgery, so a lot of my finances and energy went into her. I had to overcome so many setbacks to make this happen because, of course, my daughter’s health is, and will always be a priority. However, I felt that through this process my daughter inspired me to follow my dreams without asking for permission. At the end of the day, you only get one life and I feel like you should do what feels right”

Although he has an ongoing collaboration with Ortez Store back in 2019 and Janus Coffee Roasters earlier this year, Victms 1975 by Jessi Flores is Jessi Flores’s first major project on his own after leaving Drew Estate.

Fans can expect to find a variety of products designed exclusively by the Nicaraguan artist, including face coverings, T-shirts, backpacks, flip flops, bags, coffee mugs and more. The site will be updated on a regualr basis as more products and designs are created.

The site is easy to navigate and loaded with original works from Jessi Flores. Purchasing is made simple through connections with Shop Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and PayPal. If you wish to just pay with your credit card there is an option on PayPal to do just that.

Special Stogie Press Discounts

As part of a special arrangement, you can get 10% off you purchase if you use discount code STOGIEPRESS10 during checkout.

If you are a first responder, police officer, fire fighter, military, hospital worker you can garner a 15% discount by using the code STOGIEPRESSHEROES. Discounts can not be combined.


If you sign up to be part of the #VICTMSCRU on the site, you will get exclusive promotions from Victms1975 by Jessi Flores delivered directly to your inbox.

About Victms 1975 by Jessi Flores

World-renowned graffiti artist Jessi “Victms” Flores, adopted the famous “Victms” alias after his close friend Manny passed away in Miami tragically during a car accident in the 1990s.

Previously known as Villains, Jessi felt it was important to honor his friend by tagging “Victms” wherever he went continuing his legacy out respect and love for his high school buddy.

Today, his long time tagging partner lives on in everything Jessi does, including our limited edition line of T-shirts, face masks, bags, hats, stickers and more.