Mombacho Tierra Volcan Fino Cigar Review

Tierra Volcan Fino

I took a trip to visit my grandchildren in Jacksonville FL which is a touch cooler than Central Florida and was a perfect evening for a little outdoor fire and a cigar after a day of playing with my grand-kids. So we gathered up the wood and ignited the fire pit as I sat down to enjoy the cool North Florida air and the Mombacho  Tierra Volcan Fino.

The name Mombacho  comes from the Nicaraguan volcano that was last active in 1570.

The Mombacho website notes:

Mombacho first erupted roughly 20,000 years ago, creating the hundreds of islets that dot the surrounding waters below its peak. It is this event that inspired the volcano’s name, which means “Mother of our land” in the local indigenous tongue.

You can watch the Mombacho Story here:

The Tierra Volcan Fino is this years expansion of the Mombacho Cigars S.A. Tierra Volcan and Mombacho lines. It was released at the 2015 IPCPR and the folks at Mombacho were kind enough to present me with a sample of one.

According to the Mombacho Cigars press release:

“The Fino project was conceived in early 2014 and was the first new size we rolled at our new factory, Casa Favilli” said Claudio Sgroi, Master Blender for Mombacho Cigars S.A. “We are very proud of the Fino, it is one of the best expressions of our Tierra Volcan blend and the result of our quality-focused philosophy.”

The Fino is a 6 x 44 corona larga that is a Nicaraguan puro following the same blend as its brethern in the line:

  • Wrapper: Habano sun grown from Jalapa
  • Binder: viso Habano-Criollo Condega
  • Filler:  Jalapa/Condega

In addition to the Fino, the Tierra Volcan is available in four other vitolas:

  • Clasico (5 1/2 x 50)
  • Corto (4 x 50)
  • Grande (6 1⁄4 x 54)
  • Volcanito (4 1/2 x 26)

The Fino comes in a 16-count box with a suggested MSRP of $9.25.

The Fino is adorned with two bands. The primary band identifies it as a Tierra Volcan cigar from Mombacho Cigars and the second footer band declares it as the Fino. The Habano sun grown wrapper on this vitola is  velvet smooth  with tight seams and minimal veins. It has a pre-light earthy aroma to it.

Tierra Volcan Fino

Tierra Volcan Fino

Since I forgot my cutter I chose to use the old school method and gently bit the cap off just enough to open it up and give it a some dry draw puffs. The draw was excellent and offered a nutty flavor on the palate. It was actually a very delightful pre-light flavor.

I fired it up using a trusty Bic lighter and was immediately greeted with a peppery front end that gently hit the throat and opened the nasals. As I puffed away there was some citrus that entered the mix which eventually moved into a slightly sour cherry note. The ash was medium grey in color and laid on a tight burn line. The ash held on till the end of the first third.

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The cherry remains in the profile and a hint of coffee and cedar enter in the second third. By the end of the first half, the smoke smoothed out nicely. The burn has been impeccable with no waves or construction problems. As the ash fall again you can see the well-formed burn cone. No tunneling on this baby!

Tierra Volcan Fino

Tierra Volcan Fino

The flavors are developing very well as a nice sweetness and a touch of spice comes in adding to the cherry. The final third has some earth and a touch of chocolate with little bit of pepper along with a nutty woody aroma.

Overall the Tierra Volcan Fino was a delightful smoke, the draw has been wonderful. It is not a complex cigar, but solid with cherry and spice throughout along with entries of coffee, pepper, and chocolate now and then. The strength was medium. I would recommend the Tierra Volcan Fino as a cigar you may want to try as I feel it is an excellent extension to the line and shows the best that Mombacho has offered.

Tierra Volcan Fino

Tierra Volcan Fino