R.P. Duran Neya F8 Ligero Typhoon Cigar Review

Neya F8 Ligero Typhoon

I met up with Miguel Schoedel the national sales manager for R.P. Duran cigars at an event at Don Yeyo Cigars in Dearborn, MI. Up until then I never had a R.P. Duran cigar but Miguel changed that quickly. Not only did I purchase and smoke some at the event and to bring home, but Miguel was kind enough to send samples of those I did not purchase and for that I sincerely thank him.

There are two blends under the Neya brand:

  • The Neya Classic
  • The Neya F8

The Neya F8 line is available in 6 vitolas and come packaged in 20 count cabinet style boxes:

  • 5×52 (Patriot)
  • 6×60 (Yankee)
  • 5×58 (Gringo)
  • 6.5 x 54 (Loyalist)
  • 6×56 (Toro)
  • 7×70 (Big Jack Jack)

5 of the 6 vitolas were released in 2014 but the Big Jack Jack is a 2015 release that was named for Jack “Big Jack”  Toraño who is the Marketing Manager and Sales Rep. for the company.

Today I broke out the Neya F8 Ligero Typhoon Yankee from its comfy humid home. It is a bold, big cigar with an Ecuador Habano wrapper (Colorado in color) that is veinless and has practically invisible seams and slight sheen. It has a nice weight in the hand with a silky feel along the barrel. The binder and filler are 100% Nicaraguan.

There are two band on the cigar. The primary band is blue and gold with a shield centered in the middle containing an young woman’s portrait. The words “Neya Cigar Co.” are imprinted in blue on a beige banner below. The sides of the band are printed with the words “Neya Cogar Co. Hand Made in Esteli”  The secondary band is also blue and gold and identifies the cigar as the F8 Ligero Typhoon.

Neya F8 Ligero Typhoon

Neya F8 Ligero Typhoon

As I run my nose along the barrel and foot I pick up some sweet chocolate notes on the foot, not much on the barrel though.

After slicing the cap, the dry draw offers up chocolate and there is some pepper on the tongue and lips. The more I puff and moisten the head, the more the pepper emerges.

Once ignited the F8 Typhoon starts off slowly with early hints of chocolate and some sweetness. I am surprised that there was not much pepper yet, but that is ok, I’ll  take the sweetness and chocolate to start.

As the medium gray ash develops there is a coffee note that enters the profile and delightful early sweet aroma is  filling the night air on the deck. The wrapper is getting a little waxy and slightly sticky as the oils develop on the leaf.

It is peaceful night out, the crickets are out and my dog Ziggy is hanging by my side enjoying the sweet sounds of Muscle Shoals radio on Pandora. If you are not familiar with the sound of Muscle Shoals check out the channel or better still, watch the documentary on Netflix. Some of the most famous bands recorded in this small Alabama recording studio including names like The Rolling Stones, Boz Scaggs, Cher, Rod Stewart, Bob Seger – and the list goes on. In fact the Lynyrd Skynyrd lyric “Muscle Shoals got the Swampers” is a direct reference to the Muscle Shoals studio band “The Swampers” that played on many of the Grammy Winning albums of these bands. But I digressed, lets get back to the F8 Typhoon.

There is a nice tight ash so far as the aroma shifts to a maple buttery nut, the draw is slightly restricted with a medium volume of smoke. This is slow burner for sure. The smoke is very smooth after first third as the flavor moves into a slight citrus with a background of cedar.

By the middle of the second third, a  dry leather note enters and then a delicate spice emerges at the half way mark with a long finish of dried currant. Retrohale is ultra smooth with no bite or burn. The aroma shifts  to a sweet floral and nut once again flavoring the air around me.

Now I won’t lie, there were a few touch-ups along the journey, nothing major but I did expect it from a large ring gauge. The F8 Typhoon performs better than many such large ring cigars I have smoked. I am more of a toro or churchill guy myself. The flavor is solidly full at this point and the strength is on the upper end of medium closer to full, but not giving me beads of sweat on my forehead.

Now just as I am talking about the strength, the final third kicks it up a notch and I take the message and chill on the puffing rate. The final third delivers a toasted oak flavor with a touch of fruit and hint of spice. The smoke has been cool all the way throughout the burn and even as I smoke it down to the nub, it remains cool.

Neya F8 Ligero Typhoon

Neya F8 Ligero Typhoon

Overall the Neya F8 Ligero Typhoon is an outstanding cigar with near perfect burn qualities. It is chocked full of flavor and the strength and should be enjoyed by most seasoned smokers. If you don’t desire a full strength cigar I suggest ending the experience after the second third, but if you are like me and like a little kick at the end of your cigar, then take to the nub and appreciate all the flavor the cigar has to offer.

Neya F8 Ligero Typhoon

Neya F8 Ligero Typhoon

7 thoughts on “R.P. Duran Neya F8 Ligero Typhoon Cigar Review

  • Had my first one last weekend. Calm flavor. Well-made. I let the ash grow, allowing me to see how tight is was. Took a photo of it. Was a good 3 inches long.

  • I’m smoking one now on this 85 degree day sitting on
    Indian Rocks Beach here in Florida on Xmas Day 2015. It’s a damn good smoke with a plethora of complexity and real good construction. Strength is medium to full but when it gets to the nub then this thing really has some “Moxie ” a novice smoker may not want to go down this rabbit trail.

  • The F-8 Typhoon as well as the Neya Classic seem to gear back on the pepper and spice; instead, offering an abundance of semi sweet notes of tobacco flavor. Two excellent cigars which are well represented in my humi.

  • My wife bought me one for Valentines day. Smoking it 3 days after my birthday. Very nice. And I found Muscle Shoals on Pandora. It is 5 degrees Celsius in Toronto. I’m on my front porch with my fire table and two mastiffs a Red Wheat beer. Very nice

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