New Ventura Cigars Partnership brings Consumers California Sunshine & Island Vibes


June 28, 2018

Ventura Cigar Company is pleased to announce a new marketing and distribution partnership with Island Lifestyle Importers, the designers and manufacturers of Tommy Bahama luxury cigar accessories and Island Lifestyle Aged Reserve line of cigars. This union brings together two companies with well-established networks of premium product manufacturing and distribution, plus sunny vibes that encourage the relaxing enjoyment of the finer things in life.

Island Lifestyle Importers has been the exclusive world-wide licensee of Tommy Bahama branded accessories since 2015, and the designer and manufacturer of Tommy Bahama luxury cigar accessories since 2010. These products are sought after by consumers for their innovative designs, smart technology, and aspirational island themes. The Island Lifestyle Aged Reserve line of cigars have received consistent 90+ ratings from cigar industry print and digital media outlets, and much acclaim at cigar shows and festivals across the country.

Rick Louis, CEO of Island Lifestyle Importers notes:

“We feel this partnership is a perfect alignment of strengths. We design and manufacture exceptionally high-quality products, while Ventura Cigars and Phillips & King bring decades of experience and strong relationships within the tobacconist community.”

Ventura Cigar Company, known for its award-winning cigar brands like Archetype, Case Study, and PSyKo Seven, will utilize its national sales team to expand the existing network of authorized Tommy Bahama cigar accessory dealers into Ventura Cigars retailers across the country. Ventura Cigar’s parent company, Phillips & King, will also be utilized to support the partnership with wholesale marketing efforts for both the Tommy Bahama and Island Lifestyle Brands.

Michael Giannini, General Manager of Ventura Cigar Company adds:

“We’re really excited to work with Island Lifestyle Importers. Tommy Bahama and Island Lifestyle are well-known brands that jive well with our Southern California lifestyle. We’ve long-admired their attention to detail and the top-notch cigars and accessories they’ve been crafting. We’re pleased to be their partners and look forward to successfully growing their presence in the cigar industry.”

The official kick-off of the partnership will occur at the 2018 International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers (IPCPR) Convention in Las Vegas this July. The recipient of the IPCPR “Best in Show- New Exhibitor” award in 2016, Tommy Bahama and Island Lifestyle will have products on display and available for purchase in both their own booth (1631) and the Phillips & King booth (1115).

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About Ventura Cigar Company

Ventura Cigar Company (VCC) is a unique cigar brand born in sunny Southern California that is on a mission to create memorable, complex cigar blends that excite the senses and reward discriminating palates. Their flagship Archetype, Case Study, Project805, and PSyKo SEVEN brands offer multiple award-winning blends that earned 90+ ratings in Cigar Aficionado, Cigar & Spirits, and Cigar Snob. And Archetype’s Axis Mundi won #13 Cigar of the Year for 2017 from Cigar Aficionado. Ventura Cigar Company also distributes the 4th Generation and Comoy’s of London line of pipe tobacco products, extending its reach and tradition of offering top-quality tobacconist products. Pipes and blends under these brands are cultivated through generations of craftsmanship, making them longtime favorites of pipe tobacco enthusiasts.

About Island Lifestyle Importers, LLC 

Born out of a passion for cigars and the cigar lifestyle, Island Lifestyle Importers has created the ultimate line of quality cigars and accessories for the cigar enthusiast. We produce a wide variety of cigar accessories such as humidors, travel cases, cigar cutters, lighters and ashtrays along with highly rated aged cigars.

Island Lifestyle Importers is the exclusive designer, manufacturer and distributor of Tommy Bahama Luxury Cigar Accessories for all Tommy Bahama retail stores and e-commerce worldwide. For 25 years Tommy Bahama has promoted the cigar lifestyle with their panel-back Camp shirts and T-shirts featuring cigar themes and whimsical characters. This lifestyle apparel has become favorite dress among cigar enthusiasts. Working with Island Lifestyle Importers over the years, Tommy Bahama has become a major brand of high-end quality cigar accessories. The success of the Tommy Bahama “Cigarware” product line speaks to the innovative design and intense scrutiny to quality in our manufacturing process. We truly create the “Ultimate Combination of Form, Function and Fun!”