Nicaraguan Chamber of Tobacco Postpones Puro Sabor 2019

With just about five months to go, before the 8th annual Puro Sabor festival, the Nicaraguan Chamber of Tobacco has announced that it is delaying the event. Since its inception, Puro Sabor, otherwise known as the Nicaragua Cigar Festival, has been a celebration of Nicaraguan cigars and the culture of the beautiful Central American country it is held in. The event usually lasts 5 days with events held throughout the country all leading up to celebratory party in Estelí , Nicaragua.

Puro Sabor 2018

Puro Sabor 2018

In an article posted on Cigar Aficionado, the magazine quoted the chamber as saying, it was delayed “for reasons beyond our control”. While the reasons are not spelled out, it may well have to do with the issues the country is currently facing, along with inability to ensure the safety of the event participants. As I have been writing recently, the country has become a hot bed of violent, and at times deadly, protests against the government

In lieu of the Nicaraguan event, the chamber has decided to hold a smaller one day event in Miami, Florida on January 26, 2019 to keep the spirit alive until it can be determined, when, if at all, the event can happen in 2019.



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