Last Weeks Cigar Social Media News and Questions – August 17, 2018

Welcome to the 11th installment of the Stogie Press “Last Weeks Cigar Social Media News and Questions”, where Boston Jimmie scours the world-wide web of cigars and summarizes relevant news and questions of the past week. On the following Monday, my friend Kap Kaplowitz then shreds my writing and puts his unique commentary on select news bites from today’s article, during his Kaplowitz Media radio pod cast.

Social Media Cigar News and Questions for the week ending August 17, 2018. Ok, we took last week off as there was no news, nada, zippo…. And this week there is not much news either, but I did find a few topics that might be of interest.

  • St. Charles Missouri, to Vote on Smoking Ban 
  • Using the Small Business Administration to fight the FDA
  • Palomino Cigars Returns
  • Black Smoke Miami 2018
  • Questions of the Week

St. Charles Missouri, to Vote on Smoking Ban

Either social media is really smart or things happen by coincidence. This past week I had to take a business trip to St. Louis, MO for my day job, and had the pleasure of going downtown and meeting up with some very cool people at Charles P. Stanley cigar shop and lounge. While I was in town, I stayed in St. Charles, MO.  which has a population of about 65,000 – a decent size town in my book. Not much goes on in St Charles, but it does have a casino. In fact the Ameristar casino is the largest employer in the city. I was surprised when I saw a Facebook post from Glynn Loope, Executive Director, Cigar Rights of America, about this quiet Midwestern town voting on a smoking ban. I was a bit confused as I learned the previous night that there already was a fairly comprehensive smoking ban in Missouri.

A little extra research explained the current ban states that smoking is “permitted in bars, taverns, restaurants that seat less than fifty people, bowling alleys and billiard parlors, which conspicuously post signs stating that “Nonsmoking Areas are Unavailable”. Bowling alleys, billiard parlors, and bars oh my!!

As reported in the article, linked from Mr. Loope, the St. Charles Council is checking tens of thousands of signatures on a petition to put a measure on the November ballot, that would ban smoking in all indoor places. That measure would include the big Ameristar casino. What gets confusing though, there is a second measure being proposed that would exempt the casino and a number of bars from the indoor smoking ban. Isn’t that what the law already allows? We will eave it to the Missouri voters but here are some comments made on the post:

” Missouri is usually pretty good about voting any smoking related issues down, at least in the past. Hopefully they continue that trend”

“The anti-tobacco cartel comes back again and again. Keep voting them down.”

Using the Small Business Administration to fight the FDA

Now here is a genius idea. Sic the U.S. Small Business Administration on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to help the premium cigar industry fight for an exemption to the deeming regulations. In a video report to his follower, Glynne Loope Executive Director, Cigar Rights of America (CRA), announced that they just had a meeting with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and in that video he explains how the SBA can act on behalf of small business when it comes to regulatory actions. He also was holding a letter from the SBA to the FDA that stated not enough economic impact has been done on the issue.  Mr Loope goes on to state that the CRA will be working with the SBA to develop a detailed economic impact assessment and explaining how these regulations put American Jobs at risk.

You can view the short video here in case you missed it.

Palomino Cigars Returns to the Market

Silvio Palomino Exclusiva Toro 6x52 Maduro

Silvio Palomino Exclusiva Toro 6×52 Maduro

After taking a year away from the cigar market, Silvio Palomino Cigars has decided that was long enough and has restarted operations and is once again offering amazing, direct to the consumer pricing through their company website. This time though, they will only be offering long leaf, hand-made premium cigars with blends that are grandfathered. The company originally carried Cuban sandwiches and  flavored cigars in addition to their premium long leaf blends. You can read the full article here.

Black Smoke Miami

With just two weeks to go before Labor Day, the second annual Black Smoke Miami plans are in full swing. This year the event will be centered around and feature South Beach, Miami and will include visits to numerous lounges, a mansion party, and a golf outing. If you attended last years inaugural event, you know what a great time every one had. Tobacco Kennedy is promising this years to be even bigger and better. Tickets are still available and start at $250.00 for the event. They can be purchased online at:

Questions of the Week

We have two questions to feature this week.

The first comes from Joeseph Schmo on Facebook. As for me I love the fellowship but have great respect for the craft and history. How about you all?

The second comes from our good friend Mike Szczepankiewicz, owner of the Cigar Hustler Shop and Lounge, and also Powstanie cigars. 

I would say to this – we live in a capitalistic country that allows businesses to operate within the confines of laws and regulations.  If you own a  tobacco re-sellers license and wish to discount the product, you purchased at wholesale, below that of your competition, then that is what Makes America Great. Consumer win with competition but the rules have to be followed. Personally I would not go after anybody, unless they are illegally selling tobacco. As for my personal preference, I go to brick and mortar shops because I like the community of fellow cigar lovers.