Nomad Therapy Connecticut Cigar Review

Nomad Therapy Connecticut Fred Rewey, one of the hardest working cigar men I know says it best when describing his new Nomad Therapy line of cigars:

Let’s face it…we all could use some Therapy and with three totally different blends, you are sure to find the right one.

This line was also Nomad’s first release of a Maduro (Pennsylvania Broadleaf).

Since its release in July 2015, Therapy has been a best-seller for Nomad – selling in refillable trays to keep the cost down…but never the quality.

I can fully understand why, as I have sampled the full line. Today I would like talk about the Connecticut blend of the Therapy Line.

First off, this is no simple Connecticut. It is a bold cigar whose blend is multi country to give you flavors and complexity not normally found in most Connecticut’s.

It starts with a Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and then adds a San Andres Mexican binder and a finally tops it off with Nicaraguan filler. Pretty tasty so far eh?

Well read on.

The Nomad Therapy Connecticut sports a smooth light tan wrapper and when examined on the foot – a dark filler.

Nomad Therapy Connecticut

Nomad Therapy Connecticut

I always enjoy seeing the dark leaf inside a light wrapped cigar. It is like saying to me “come take me, I am experienced”

Running the Therapy across the nose you will find a sweet and delightful scent on foot with a slight nut component in the background.

Each of the Therapy line of cigars has a simple white, linen paper, band with the Nomad Logo emblazoned on it and two colored border lines. Nothing fancy. The color of the logo is different for each blend with the Connecticut being blue.

Nomad Therapy Connecticut

Nomad Therapy Connecticut

Clipping the cap, the cold draw is quite unrestricted with hay and barnyard notes and a bitter-sweet wrapper taste.

Once heated up and toasted, the initial draw has hit of pepper that cleanses the nasals and then settles down to a smoke that is full and creamy.The burn is perfect with a crisp char line.

Nomad Therapy Connecticut

Nomad Therapy Connecticut

A mineral note enters early in the burn  and the ash is solid white. An almond sweetness enters much like almond milk. Ever see that episode of “The Carbonaro Effect” – where they milk the almonds? Here it is.

I can picture Rewey milking almonds to get that perfect flavor component.

The wrapper show signs of oiling up and a dried cherry notes blend with the almond. This is starting to be like trail mix of flavor.

As it continues through the burn, the Therapy Connecticut adds more of the nut component along with bitter spice that teased the palate.

The ash was solid all the way through and when it fell the burn cone was perfectly formed allowing for that impeccable burn.  I have enjoyed 3 of these and want to thank Fred Rewey and Nomad Cigars for the samples.

Overall The Nomad Therapy Connecticut is definitely one Connecticut that stood out with excellent flavor and burn qualities. Smoking it to the nub was never an issue burning cool throughout.

Nomad Therapy Connecticut

Nomad Therapy Connecticut