Paradise Cigarz in Rockledge FL – Brings in Cornelius & Anthony Line

I know this is a week late, but press releases have gotten the best of me this past week as we prepare for the IPCPR starting on July 13. My sincere apologies to Paradise Cigarz.

On June 22nd, one of my local brick and mortar shops, Paradise Cigarz, in Rockledge FL, held a Cornelius & Anthony Cigars event to introduce their patrons to the cigar line. There was a decent crowd in attendance, which is common for the shop, and the patrons were curious about the Cornelius & Anthony cigar line. Some have never heard of it while others have had some some experience with a limited number of blends.

Unfortunately, severe storms in Miami, delayed, and eventually canceled the company’s rep from making it to the event, but Brook Cox, owner of Paradise Cigarz, let the show go on. The full line of Cornelius & Anthony Cigars were prominently displayed and there were specials running all night, including buy 3 pay for 2 and buy 2 and get your choice of a baseball cap, shirt, or metal sign for your man/she cave.

Cornelius and Anthony

Cornelius and Anthony Cigar Event at Paradise Cigarz

As the evening drew on, the patrons were puffing away on Cornelius & Anthony Cigars and talking about which one they liked the best. As I walked about, talking to the patrons about what they liked, the general consensus was the Cornelius. There was even a couple of times where yours truly, Boston Jimmie, stepped in to help explain the line and point them to the reviews I did on the whole lineup.

Cornelius and Anthony Event.

Cornelius and Anthony – Paradise Cigarz

This smiling “Brother of the Leaf” took some of my advise and grabbed a full collection! I will have to meet up with him again and see what he thought about them. I explained that the Ariel is one of my favorite morning cigars to start the day.

Cornelius and Anthony Event.

Our very own Mike Holmes – Local Cigar Cartel Chapter Leader – poses with a Cornelius & Anthony Cigars tin sign.

Mike Holmes

Mike Holmes

In the end, everyone seemed to have had fun, which is common for the shop of friendly and welcoming cigar lovers, and it looked like the event was successful. As for me, I picked up some more Cornelius & Anthony Cigars to enjoy and grabbed myself one of those tin signs too. It is now properly displayed in the Stogie Press lounge.


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