Southern Draw Cigars – announces CODE DUELLO Limitada 2016!

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Southern Draw Cigars – announces CODE DUELLO Limitada 2016!

August 15, 2016 Austin, Texas

Southern Draw Cigars announces release of CODE DUELLO, a series of perfectos with annual limited production of 4,000 cigars per blend and vitola that are being produced at Tabacalera Fernandez, Esteli, Nicaragua.


There are so many long-running conflicts and irreconcilable differences throughout the world that are deep rooted in different cultures, different religions, different views, family drama and hidden agendas.  There is great uncertainty in our own industry and the sheer complexities of these many problems demand a modern form of resolution that is not damaging and destructive, does not result in loss of opportunity and massive economic costs.  Southern Draw Cigars believes that even though there may not be amenable final, near-term resolutions, things are not hopeless.

CODE DUELLO LimitadaCODE DUELLO – what is it?

By definition it is a set of rules for one–on–one combat or, a duel!  Rules designed to prevent vendettas between families and social factions, from the Roman Empire to the Renaissance to the American Old West, the code has been changed to suit the times.  Southern Draw Cigars offers a playful modern version of the duel, relaxing, and nonviolent means of conflict resolution with a few proposed rules:

RULES – Settle it Like Gentlemen!

  1. Challenger shares his/her conflict or grievance directly and privately with the challenged;
  2. Challenged chooses the cigars for the duel, each pair have been tuned for identical appearance, reliability and accuracy;
  3. Challenger choses the “field of honor” or location of the duel;
  4. Challenged accepts the location or requests and alternative location;
  5. The parties cut and light both cigars (a single wooden match is recommended) and allow one another to talk openly, uninterrupted and in a respectable tone;
  6. The parties agree on a resolution and terms and the matter is considered settled OR the parties agree to work towards an amenable final resolution and proceed in earnest towards a specific goal.

CHOOSE YOUR WEAPONS – duel banded, matched pairs

  1. KUDZU 6 X 56 – A double Oscuro perfecto that is box pressed and provides a Full Body/Full Flavor version of our popular blend.
  2. KUDZU 5 X 58 – A double Ometepe perfecto that is box pressed and provides a Medium Body/Full Flavor version with incredible charred oak and light pepper aromas.
  1. FIRETHORN 6 X 56 – A double Rosado perfecto that is semi box pressed and provides a sophisticated and smooth Medium Body/Medium+ Flavor of our popular blend.
  1. FIRETHORN 5 X 58 – A double San Andres perfecto that is semi box pressed and provides a Medium+ Body/Full Flavor version with intense strength hidden beneath a beautiful, naturally sweet wrapper.