Southern Draw Code Duello Firethorn 6 x56 – Cigar Review

Southern Draw Code Duello Firethorn

Count off ten paces turn and shoot! Yea that’s what one may think about when the word Duel comes up. But that is not how it always was. In fact a Duel was a way to settle disputes often without bloodshed or death. The rules of a Duel are known as the Code Duello. So why did Robert Holt from Southern Draw Cigars decide to offer limited edition cigars known as Code Duello? Well it is partly to do with the name of the company itself, Southern Draw, but more importantly, it was Robert’s way of having some fun with his brand his brand followers.

You see, Code Duello from Southern Draw Cigars, come packaged in bundles of two. Two identical cigars to be shared among friends. I actually pushed out an Instagram post announcing I was about to fire this up, but folks are busy, so I had to smoke it alone.

Alton Otto, if you are reading this, I have the other one here for your enjoyment the next time you swing by the Stogie Press Lounge!

Ok; I digressed for a moment. As I was saying, the Code Duello series of cigars are banded together in couples. Southern Draw Cigars also decided to offer the Code Duello line  in two different vitolas and 4 blend varieties.

Southern Draw Cigars Code Duello Firethorn 6 x 56

Southern Draw Cigars – Code Duello – Firethorn 6 x 56

Each vitola is a box pressed perfecto. One being a 6 x 56 and the other a 5 x 58.  The blend varieties are tweaks to the Southern Draw Cigars Kudzu and Firethorn lines.

For this review I sampled the Firethorn 6 x 56. You can read about the other blends in the press release we published back in August. The Southern Draw Cigars Firethorn 6 x 56 perfecto is a double fermented Habano Rosado wrapped cigar with fillers and binder from Nicaragua and Mexico.

I have not reviewed the original Firethorn yet, but the Southern Draw Cigars bar was set last year when I reviewed the Kudzu.

So lets see what the Firethorn 6 x 56 has to offer.

Cigar Review Notes

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  • This is a beautiful Soft box pressed perfecto.
  • Expertly finished cap and foot.
  • Veins? We don’t need any stinking veins!
  • Silky smooth, medium brown wrapper that has a reddish clay hue to it
  • Barrel has sweet fermented leaf aroma to it
  • Sliced the cap back just a smidgen
  • Even with the perfecto foot the draw is to my liking
  • Sweet earthy cold draw
  • Once fired up there is cinnamon aroma right off the bat
  • Sweet cocoa – almost brownie taste enters on the intial puffs
  • Background of baking spice coats the palate
  • Perfectly formed Salt and Pepper ash
  • Full body of smoke
  • Moving through the first half the flavor is fairly consistent; spice, cocoa, and sweetness
  • Smoke is smooth and easy on the retrohale
  • A pecan note enters just before the secondary band
  • The sweetness continues to build and peaks near the primary band
  • Finished medium to full strength
  • Just shy of 90 minutes of pleasure –  from foot to nub

Overall, the Southern Draw Cigars Code Duello 6 x 56 Firethorn  was a pleasant smoking experience. I enjoyed the balance of flavor, especially getting into the second third, as the pecan and sweetness dueled on my palate. This would most certainly pair well with a 17 year Glengoyne Highland Single Malt. I definitely recommend buying these and sharing with your friends.