Suriel Cigars Announces US Distribution

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Suriel Cigars has announced that they will start shipping to the US market. Originally available in the  Dominican market since October 2014 when the company introduced two cigars Robusto Day & Night and Toro Majestuoso they are now moving into the US market with a US version of the Toro Majestuoso.

Stogie Press was lucky to receive samples of the Day and Night back in 2014 and we did a review of this Dominican gem which you can read here:


Suriel debuted in the Dominican market in October 2014 with two cigars: Robusto Day & Night and Toro Majestuoso. Both cigars are made by Hendrik Kelner Jr.’s Kelner Boutique Factory and are coming to the U.S., but the American market is receiving a different version of Toro Majestuoso.

The new Toro Majestuoso will have a pig tail cap and will be known as the Toro Majestuoso “Pig Tail”. The blend will be tweaked using a different filler but the same Brazilian wrapper.

I spoke to Uriel Suriel and he noted that the Toro was really good, but is was a more complex cigar that you would have to retrohale to discern all the notes. I do agree with that. Many cigar smokers I meet in the US though don’t always retrohale so they may find the cigar rather light on flavor. Suriel Cigars recognized that and decided to make a cigar more rounded to the palate that is a bit stronger with more body.

Uriel noted:

The new Toro will be very very complex if smoked right, but you’ll get a lot of flavor still even if you don’t retrohale.

He also noted that the Pennsylvania leaf is coming from INETAB-KAUBECK, S.R.L. which has over 40 years of experience in growing, processing and packing tobacco for the Dominican and international cigar industry.  With its production facilities in Santiago de los Caballeros and Moca, it is located in the heart of the Cibao valley where the finest Dominican Binder, Longfiller and Shortfiller tobaccos are grown and harvested year after year by farmers who have learned the trade from their fathers and forefathers. The actual leaf used is grown in Pennsylvania but is actually a Kentucky seed.

We look forward to sampling these when they arrive.