JAS SUM KRAL – Red Knight Toro Cigar Review

Jas Sum Kral - Red KnightJAS SUM KRAL – I Am King!

These are the words of one man, Riste Risteski, owner of Jas Sum Kral cigars. If you have seen this Macedonian giant of man on social media you get it.

In his own words:

Smoking mainly Cuban cigars, I wanted to create a profile which maintained Cuban standards, while adding an interesting yet elegant twist.

Jas Sum Kral recently sent me some samples to review of their Red Knight cigar, and after letting them rest awhile, it was time to break them out and see what all the social media fuss was about. Anyone who describes their cigar as “Boutique as Fuck” will have already set a high bar for review. After smoking his introductory blend, the “Red Knight” three times, I would say he hit that mark. Well done Riste!

The Jas Sum Kral – Red Knight is a most inviting 6×50 toro with its Ecuadorian Habano Light Clario wrapper finished with a pig tail cap and a closed foot. Though the filler is top-secret, the binder is disclosed as Half Mexican San Andres / Half Jalapa Seco Leaf.

Jas Sum Kral - Red Knight

Jas Sum Kral – Red Knight

Riste didn’t stop there, he adorned his creation with a stunningly beautiful band. Regal in design and fitting for such an eye catching cigar it deserved some words itself. The first observation of the band is the golden Jas Sum Kral logo centered in a blood-red shield. Golden lions protect that shield on both sides and a golden crown adorns it. The phrase “JAS SUM KRAL” is imprinted in white on a black background centered in a golden banner under the shield. The remainder of the band is black with golden scrolls and ornaments along with some white and red placement. I have to say as I smoke the Red Knight I kept examining the band and then I noticed a little added touch – a small Jas Sum Kral logo was placed along the edge of the band gold on gold.

Jas Sum Kral - Red Knight

Jas Sum Kral – Red Knight

Riste certainly has taken pride in this creation down to the finest detail.

There is a slight sheen to the coffee bean colored wrapper as I further examine the cigar. No prominent veins on this beauty. I ran it across my nose And picked up a distinctive nut aroma on the closed foot. I can only imagine what is beneath that leaf.

Since it was finished with a pig tail I chose to go “old school”, biting off the tail, and giving it a cold draw. The draw was restrictive of course, since the foot was closed and I was greeted with a hint of sweetness and nut. So far so good, but the best was yet to come.

I toasted the foot and through a still restricted draw, I was hit with nice shot of white peppery goodness. The flavors started to immediately appear – sweetness on top of cinnamon spice and hint of toasted bread, all delivered through a medium body of creamy smoke.

I am going to say, this is, hands down, my mother’s favorite breakfast delight; butter spread toast, with sugar and cinnamon sprinkled over the top. I always enjoyed that on a Sunday morning. Of course you may also describe this flavor as a Cinnabon pastry. Either way, it is an incredible start to the Jas Sum Kral – Red Knight.

As the medium colored ash burn down atop a razor-sharp char line, the smoke smooths out and a touch of coffee enters the profile. All I need is eggs and bacon and I have my childhood Sunday breakfast!

The cigar remains firm as it burns with no soft spots. The foot is filling the air with a spicy nut aroma and the coffee note builds and gets sweeter. In fact the coffee is right in front now with a touch of spice.

The wrapper starts to show signs of oiling up as the flavor shifts to a bitter-sweet coffee, like biting on a freshly roasted coffee bean.

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The coffee flavor maintained through the remainder of the pristine burn as the smoke production opened up. The strength started as medium ended medium to full. There were some slight hints of leather near the end, which I smoked down to the nub.

Overall, the Jas Sum Kral – Red Knight is a fantastic cigar that can and should be enjoyed by new, casual, and experienced smokers alike. I would most definitely pair this with a cup of Cafe Cubano any time of the day. Once again, thank you Riste for the samples and congratulations on a masterful creation. We will be looking for what you have coming next as the bar has been set. Yep “Boutique as Fuck”

Jas Sum Kral - Red Knight

Jas Sum Kral – Red Knight

~Boston Jimmie

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